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Fashionista NOW: Ombre Red Gradient Fashion Inspiration

Ombre isn’t over, yet. Seen on hair, lips, nails and clothing, this gradient color trend is set to make 2014 another year to extend its reign in fashion.

For fashion-conscious men who desire a sophisticated spin on the usually laid back ombre trend, you’ll have the sleek ombre suits to go cray-cray about this year.

Thanks to Jonathan Saunders’ keen passion for reworking just about any trend into clever stylish pieces, the ombre is given a much dapper interpretation seen in his menswear collection for Spring 2014.

Proof? Check out Tinie Tempah clad in said suit here.

For the ladies who aren’t ready to say adios to the ombre fashion trend, be thrilled to sport the ombre-inspired clothing to your hearts’ delight and still remain ridiculously on trend as fashion designers too aren’t quite over and done with it just yet.

Fendi Spring 2014 collection brought an evolution to the ombre trend through an eclectic mix of color-blocking, sheer overlays and transparent plastics during Milan fashion week late last year.

High fashion aside, there are numerous ways to make the ombre style work its magic into just about any outfit.

The simple trick is to allow the ombre effect of a dress, for instance, to be where attention falls on (besides the wearer, of course). This is done simply by reducing or limiting the need to clash prints or other visually-busy separates or accessories into the mix. Pretty easy, right?

For a visual feast on how to adorn yourself in ombre red, to the lookbooks below real quick:

ombre red biker jacket – Muubaa

vintage ombre cover up – Mila And Fire

ombre dress – H&M

ombre high low top – H&M

ombre shirt – Mosquito

ombre dress

Well, what do you think of the gradient ombre fashion trend? Would you wear it this year? Or are you ready to leave it behind, along with all the madness of ombre-styled hair (a.k.a. glamorous roots), two-toned lips, shaded nails… (oh you get the idea)? To the comments, below, with your marvelous thoughts!

“I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive persona and give one the chance to enhance one’s best physical features.”Vivienne Westwood

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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