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Fashionista NOW: New Year’s Eve Party Skirts Fashion Inspiration

The new year’s just around the corner. What to wear to the new year’s eve party? Fret not, scour our list of statement skirts for a quick party outfit idea or two.

Party skirt lengths can vary from the most mini to the longest maxi but for this post, we’re focused on the mini-ish hem length for I’ve decided to take into account the second round of monsoonic rain that’s about to reign on this tropical soil.

Style and practicality, in one go. Yes, you’re most welcome!

According to Malaysia’s meteorological department and weather forecast, the next bout of pour will extend its merciless stay up to the year’s end. This means, some of us will get drenched as we party to the dawn of 2014.

And just what has that gotta do with skirts, you ask?

Well, for one; walking in a short skirt’s as you weather the heaviest pour and rising dirty water is practical for obvious reasons. A pair of shorts will do as well, but this isn’t an entry on statement shorts, is it.

So, while you will get rained upon from head to toe – because let’s be real, hard core party goers don’t carry umbrellas – isn’t it wonderful that an above-the-knee skirt shall at least be spared from getting soaked in disgusting street-tainted body of water?

Anyway, to the statement skirt ideas below, as always:

Rose Edge

red rosette skirt – Makenji

A skirt with a floral textural interest promises abundance of envious ogles from your female friends. A few from the male end, if you keep up with a diverse lot. A great conversation starter with new friends as well.

Embellished Chic

beaded paisley skirt – Boohoo

A skirt with a beaded embellishment is best be teamed with a muted top. Let all the focus fall upon the beauty in its paisley-inspired beaded arrangement.

Ethnic Chic

batik print skirt – Tricia G. x Catherine Jannelle

A full pleated skirt rendered in batik motif is a way to give a nod to Eastern influence in fashion while standing out in a sea of predictability. The young’s obsession with contemporary styles often makes them very similar-looking in the wardrobe department.

Instead of going gaga, just get your batik mojo on, pronto!

Thunder Bolt

lightning print skirt – Lovelysally

If you want to appear particularly electric at the new year’s eve (NYE) party, a skirt stamped with lightning prints will help you achieve just that.

Sweet Pink Pleats

DIY pleated skirt

If you’re a pink-loving girlie girl/lady/woman, slip into an A-line skirt rendered in your favorite pink shade and soft pleats. While the skirt’s not exactly a quick scene stealer, you’re given the freedom to go bonkers with your top selection.

Kerti P. (above) pairs a delicate cutout blouse with her DIY skirt, while keeping the glitters reserved for her shoes.

Moody Grunge Florals

dark floral print skirt – Oasap

Make a dark floral statement laced with a touch of grunge/punk by teaming the skirt with a dark tee, sheer black tights and fuss-free slip-on booties. Accessorize with studded bangles. Wear a hat, if you like.

So, pretty ladies, which of these party skirts would you love to wear as you ring in the new year? Share below, it’s totally free!

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”Martin Charnin

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