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Fashionista NOW: Nerd Glasses Fashion Trend

One of the most fashionable glasses out there is the nerd-style glasses. You can’t step into a college or a creative-industry work space without seeing at least a person wearing a pair of these thick-framed glasses.

Being a hot eyewear trend last year, nerd glasses are extending their stay this year and at least a few more years down the road as it remains a vital piece of accessory not only within the nerd/geek fashion scenes but also in retro/vintage fashion circles.

Fashion glasses with thick frames can transform your look if you’d just give them a try. Even if you’ve got perfect vision, the eyewear of today is inclusive to everyone with or without sight challenges. By combining the appeal of pure aesthetics and a dose of practicality, the eyewear industry is playing its cards right.

Being a trend that’s been sported by too many people and countless celebs, the best way to give the nerd glass style a unique stamp of your own is to work it into your existing style.

Mix it into a preppy style ensemble, work it into a vintage hipster look with a headband and a whimsical ethnic print dress or throw it into your most casual denim and tee look. Instead of the typical black framed glasses, choose colored ones that will add a pop of quirkiness into your look and there’s really no end to making the nerd glass style your own, really!

Check out the roundup of lookbookers wearing their nerd out in various outfit styles.

colored nerd glasses

glasses by Ray-Ban

sunglasses by Six

harry potter glasses

nerd glasses by Elong

glasses by Ray-Ban

Is the nerd glass trend still relevant from your side of the world? What do you think of these chunky-framed glasses? Share your thoughts down below!

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