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Fashionista NOW: Men In Pastels ~ Fashion For The Dudes

Pastels are breaking into the spring season and they’ve taken the hearts of fashionable men. If you’re a guy who’s into the much anticipated and already loved candy-colored hues, this one’s for you!

In an ideal world, we would all love to see males rocking pastels left and right without acquiring the soul-burning words of self-proclaimed fashion nazis but let us all keep calm and chant: colors are by and of themselves, most neutral.

See, that’s no so hard is it?

But, but but… pastel colors are only for babies, arty-farty interior color palettes of certain types of people and brides and their clueless partners on their special days, whined one fashion critic.

Well, that’s just a load of distortion in terms of perception. People like to assign categories and one of the many categories that society is still holding on to is the notion that some colors are okay for women but must not be embraced by our macho species of men!

Well, let’s just slowly peel off the layers of fashion conservatism and view a pop of pastel shades in dudes’ wardrobes as one of the many ways we could all benefit from breaking away from the chains of the general mood of narrow-mindedness.

After all, no one ever gets harmed by pastel-rocking blokes who happen to breeze by just living their lives, eh?

Defensive-mode rant aside, I think that any guy would look swell wearing a pastel shade that is balanced out with neutral tones.

So, don’t think that you have to exclusively wear ice-cream pastels from head to toe to rock the ‘men in pastel’ look.

Fashion’s never black or white and it is most certainly subjective and at the whims of seasonal changes dictated by what celebs are currently wearing which is then dictated by the top fashion designers from the industry which I’m sure are influenced by what the masses are enthusiastically consuming!

But hey, it’s all fun and games as we’ve got time and money to burn before we would all be recycled. Morbid thoughts aside though, seriously, no one should take fashion that seriously.

And that said, if you’re a guy who wants some fashion pointers on wearing pastels, just scroll on below and be inspired by these looks:

sweater by Oak + Fort | pants by Zara

cardigan by Two Percent

blue pastel blazer by Zara

soft pink shirt by H&M

green chinos | shirt by Hollister

sweater by COS | bag by American Apparel

mint shirt by H&M

If you’re a lady with a boyfriend/husband/guy friend who is in dire need of a gentle boost to throw him out of a fashion rut, please do share this article with him!

What do you think of blokes who wear the pastel fashion trend? Do you have raw thoughts to share? If so, please drop them in the comment section below!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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