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Fashionista NOW: Looking For A Statement Dress? Here’s High Low Dress Fashion Inspiration

High low dresses have stolen the limelight from the asymmetrical dress trend that’s been hitting the fashion world. Be ready to get inspired by their signature short-long hemline.

What makes the dress a hit for prom/formal party goers is that it is a dress that hits two birds with a stone. The front shorter hemline allows for the wearer’s legs to move freely while she dances, and the longer hemline at the back retains and air of formal elegance.

Although the dress can come in a brilliant array of patterns and prints, I honestly believe that the dress is best worn with the subtlest hints of patterned details. Solid monochromatic high low dresses, either sheer or not, are ultimately the best choice as the distinct cut will surely capture the attention of onlookers.

And if you’re on the look out for the next bold statement dress to dramatize your wardrobe and add an enthusiastic lift to your fashion sense, the asymmetrical dress with a statement high low hemline is the highly recommended way to go.

Just picture yourself walking briskly on a windy evening and the tail of your high low dress flipping to a mysterious rhythm in time. The dress and your spirit become one. Just kidding, I was aiming for a visceral effect that in the end sounded cheesy. Anyhow..

Scroll down for a few inspirational fashion photos courtesy of our young and contemporary fashionistas.








So will you give the high low hemline dress trend a chance? Is it too dramatic for your taste? Or is it so last year? Shoot us a comment down below, why don’t you.

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