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Fashionista NOW: Lion Head Print Fashion Trend

Lion head prints are taking the animal print trend to the next level. Roarrr!

Summer fashion has seen the revival of the annual floral and animal prints. We’ve seen plenty of animal spots — from leopards to zebras — take center stage so many times now that we’re ready for a new kind of animal print trend.

In this piece, we officially acknowledge and celebrate the cropping up of the more in-your-face version of the animal head print style through lion heads!

For those who are prone to seasonal (and mood-dependent) episodes of wearing the bold animal print style, lion head prints will be stretching out your fashion horizon even more.

With the grunge fashion subculture easing its way back into the scene, the lion printed clothing offers that dark free-spirited alternative which blends right in with the i-don’t-give-a-toss attitude.

For an idea on how to work the roaring lion head print into your wardrobe, waste no more time and get to the scrolling down below.

lion head sweater – Udobuy

lion shirt – Get A Life

lion tank – Your Eyes Lie

lion print sweatshirt – SheInside

lion t-shirt – Chico Rei

lion top – Your Eyes Lie

thrifted lion shirt

What’s your say on the lion head print trend? Is it too bold, too distracting, too angsty for your taste? Or are you already jumping in head first into the animal head fashion bandwagon? To the comments, with your thoughts, please!

“It’s unfashion… Grunge is about not making a statement, which is why it is crazy for it to become a fashion statement… buying ‘Grunge’ from seventh avenue is ridiculous.” – James Truman

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