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Fashionista NOW: It Is Time To Hang A Banana On Your Earlobe

It Is Time To Hang A Banana On Your Earlobe

Credit | AbraKadabraJewelry


Bananas are a vibe, guys. It’s time to get them on your ears in the form of fruity earrings.

Today, I made my first banana mud cake in the microwave and it was so tasty! It was my way of appreciating the overripe bananas and I was glad I did that. As a fruit, bananas are top on the list for keeping my stomach fueled up and happy. I even dedicated a poem to one after consuming a tasty raw banana. To further deepen my appreciation for bananas, I think it’s time to have them adorn my ear lobes. To find out the banana earring styles available, I’ve compiled a list of banana earring bling inspo that you and I fellow banana lovers can appreciate.

This fruity earring style will appeal to those who are into the fruit and the color yellow as you know that bananas are yellow.

Variations of the yellow shades exist so you may opt for the banana that is in the shade of yellow you prefer or whether or not they carry the freckles. When shopping for bananas, this desire for choosing the perfect bananas from the way they appear can cause quite a rigorous discussion between the individuals involved and thus, I am expecting the same can happen when one is shopping for banana earrings.

I hope you will enjoy the banana earrings.


Fun Tropical Banana Stud Earrings


| FatMangoCreative


Long Drop Banana Earrings


| DzyDzydesign


Sweet Banana Dangle Earrings


| Alittleawesome


Healthy Banana Stud Earrings


| Brlogarka


Lightweight Banana Stud Earrings


| SweetFlowerKiss


Summer Banana Mood Earrings


| AbraKadabraJewelry


Wooden Banana Stud Earrings


| StumpedWoodDesigns


Which banana earrings would you want to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”Michel de Montaigne

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