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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Yellow Mustard In Style?

Whether it’s spring or not, or if you’re where the sun shines all year round, mustard yellow is a versatile color to incorporate into your wardrobe. Learn how to inject a bit of freshness into your ensemble and gain a positive boost in your mood and outlook as a bonus.

Unlike plain yellow which can be awfully bright and dizzying, the mustard yellow is forgiving in comparison as it’s kind of mellow in tone. It’s less in-your-face but still is an energetic hue to sport that will lift up the mood of your outfit as well as your spirit.

So how does one wear mustard yellow as a fashion statement?

This is too easy and most absolutely fun! Just choose a statement piece like a blazer or blouse that carries off the sunny shade! Or pick pants/shorts or a skirt in the tone but keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

If you want to keep it very minimum, choose mustard toned accessories like a tote, necklace or a pair of heels while keeping your outfit neutral colored in order to let the focus fall onto the colored statement pieces.

Whether sticking with one statement piece in mustard or a sprinkle of a few accessories in the warm shade, you can be sure that you’ll look good. These two ways of working the color is especially great for those who are not a fan of mixing bold prints or other colors into one look and like to keep it very minimalistic.

Not really sure how to pull it off? Just scroll down below to get instant style tips from rad lookbookers who just know how to work the mellow yellow into their outfits in effortless style:

dress by Romwe

pleated harem pants by Romwe

thrifted sweater

mustard chiffon shirt

thrifted oversized blazer

mustard sweater by Daily Look

If you’re trying out the mustard color for the first time, be sure to try it on first before making a purchase.

While the color may work well on tan to dark skin tones with underlying yellow shade, on very pale skin (depending on your undertone; whether it is cool or warm), it can be overpowering as to wash out your complexion. And not everyone likes the pop of contrast whether the color suits them or not, so just try it out first to be sure!

So what do you think of the mustard yellow color trend? Would you be inclined to wear it after looking at the selection above? Share below and thank you for swinging by!

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