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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Denim Skirts Fashion Inspiration

Think denim skirts are best left in the 90s? These 5 fashion tips will make you change your mind.

Denim skirts were introduced in the 1970s and their popularity dwindled down in the 80s and the early 90s only to be reintroduced back into the fashion spotlight in 1996 revived by Marnie Bjornson. Denim skirts are made using similar material as the blue jeans. In design, the skirts may bear similar elements present on a pair of jeans like front fly, back and front pockets and belt loops.

Other denim skirts may be equipped with elastic waist, front button column and side/back closures just like other skirt styles. The length of the classic denim skirt varies from maxi, midi to mini with the shortest of hems a favorite amongst teens and young adults.

The denim skirt is considered a staple for the hotter seasons and is easy to team with many top styles as the denim washes are considered to be neutral. Just like jeans, blue denim skirts showcase versatility that they remain relevant year after year as basic wardrobe staple.

Wonder how to make denim skirts awesome again? To the fashion imagery below for our vital fashion tips:

thrifted vintage denim skirt – Gucci

Pare down the toughness of a denim skirt by teaming it with a feminine blouse rendered in subtle lace detailing. For the extra visual appeal, choose a denim skirt with front pocket details with the edges and hemline made aesthetically raggedy.

Remember that shoes set the tone of your ensemble. An ankle-strap heel lends a polished look to the summer number.

denim skater skirt – Delicia

A denim skirt designed in a twirly skater cut style is fresh, feminine and summer-appropriate. Pair it with a tucked in white tee and then layer it up with a denim jacket in a darker blue.

This classic combination is a minimalist favorite and can be dolled up via a bold hot pink pout, hair accessory and a pair of slinky heels. Alternatively, keep it most casual and young by slipping into white platform shoes.

denim skirt with front bow – Lovelyshoes.net

Little details sprinkle character into your wardrobe.

Instead of a plain denim skirt, find one with a bow front knot that will be an instant visual magnet. Go the denim on denim route by wearing it with a tucked in faded denim shirt in a similar tone for yet another visual tease: Is this a dress or a two-piece?

The nude studded heels add dressiness to the getup while the embellished snapback throws in some major glam sporty vibe.

denim midi skirt – Collect Point

Midi skirts are all the rage this year. Partner a denim midi full skirt with a striped cropped top, sneakers and a pair of statement round sunglasses for a look that is contemporary.

Don’t limit yourself to one denim piece when you can chuck on a denim hat to flaunt your love for all-things denim.

vintage denim skirt

Elongate your torso by tucking in your tank top into the denim skirt for a frumpy-not look. Top it off with a soft blue cardigan and a pair of blue sneakers to finish off a youthful look. Add a skinny belt to emphasize the waistline and punctuate your overall look with a chunky statement necklace.

The soft blue palette of this effortless number gently directs the focus right onto the details of the classic denim skirt.

More ways to style your denim skirt courtesy of talented polyvorers:

All I wanted was 100 million dollars

gimme denim skirt – Sheek Shat Boutique

Rencana Tuhan lebih indah

tattered denim pencil skirt – Current/Elliott

Abstract Oragami Skirt

origami fold denim mini skirt – Balmain

What do you think of the denim skirt trend? Would you wear it? If so, which denim skirt style do you see yourself wearing? Do you go for the mini, midi or maxi? Share below and let us know!

Did you know that the first denim skirts were made by hippies in the 1960s who came up with the idea of turning old denim jeans into long denim skirts?

“I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one.”Marilyn Monroe

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