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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Cardigans For Summer Fashion Inspiration

Don’t know how to style a cardigan for the summer? Here are 4 ways (and more) to wear a cardigan that will make you look like a true fashionista.

Wearing a cardigan in the summer may seem absurd at first but temperature dips, there is the AC and also people’s curious bodily differences in temperature modulation that we have read your mind and compiled creative outfit ideas that feature cardigans just for you.

A cardigan should not be shunned just because of the scorching heat that takes place at a certain time of the day.

Here in Malaysia, chilled public places and some public transport are winter-lands that require some layering up.

Although the temperature here is a killer (don’t mind my exaggeration) due to the vile humidity, it’s also pretty bipolar as we have bouts of thunder-laden violent pours that will rip or break your umbrella (if not your house).

I’d like to think of a cardigan the way people carry an umbrella around even when it is not raining. If it gets hot, tie it at the waist or chuck it in a bag.

Talking about umbrellas, if you have yet to see my post about matching umbrellas with outfits, please do so HERE.

Anyway, if you’re wondering how to layer up with a cardigan and look chic instead of grandfolks-y, to the fashion imagery below:

cardigan – Staring At Stars

Team a cardigan with a quirky eye print dress to lend a little dressiness to your look. The knit cardigan’s black and white color scheme blends easily into any look that it is a must-have. Sandals and a white sling bag to complete and you’re off for the day.

long cardigan – Forever 21

A long cardigan in an almost white hue can be topped over a black romper with lacy trim for extra coverage and fluidity in terms of movement if you like the feeling of fabric dancing against the breeze as you walk. A textured cardigan also brings a little something to the look, setting an interesting visual backdrop.

Gabrielle completes her look with a black leather tote and black ankle strap sandals with buckles.

crochet lace short sleeved cardigan – Romwe

A white cardigan with lace crochet detailing is a perfect summer’s piece to throw over just about any outfit. The textural interest offsets the black outfit Anita’s wearing, creating a visual edge that may be lacking without the cardigan. A sling bag, hat and black chunky shoes seal the look off along with a generous sprinkle of jewelry.

cardigan – Larmoni

Give your garb a little color and a splash of floral the way Chen does hers. The delicate lace crochet cardigan perfects this ultra feminine number. While the outfit teeters on the verge of dreaminess, her choice in footwear is a sharp and grounding black wedge heel.

Wonder how else do you make a cardigan a part of your daily fashion-forward outfit?

Check out more cool outfit styles that feature cardigans courtesy of creative polyvore set makers:

The Winner

by Tania Maria

Untitled #2578

by Lauren


by Aussie Goddess

poppies will put them to sleep

by Serendipity Again

The grass beneath our feet and open skies

by Anna Maria

Do you like any of the outfits with cardigans shown above? Cardigans add a layer of fun to any ensemble, don’t you think? Share your thoughts and let us know below!

“I think that we can consider that the gypsy look has now gotten into the bloodstream of most people who are interested in fashion. The girls and boys of today are really gypsies. They are not competitive. They amuse themselves in their own way and believe in the physical beauty of each other.”Diana Vreeland

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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