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Fashionista NOW: How To Turn An Old Skirt Into Palazzo Pants?

Do you have old maxi skirts lying around in your closet gathering dust? Are you tired of wearing leg-hugging trousers and denim pants and have transitioned into their more carefree baggy bohemian counterpart, the palazzo?

Populating your summer wardrobe with the freshest on-trend palazzo pants of every color and print style is impossible if you’re striving to keep within with a reasonable budget. But, if you’re one to hoard old maxi skirts from ages ago, guess what: You can transform them into palazzo pants, one of the summer’s hottest trend.

Fashionista NOW: Trendy In Palazzo Pants For Eid 2013

With Eid 2013 coming along in about two weeks time, it’s not too late to start. So put on that creative thinking cap, let the inner rough-around-the-edges seamstress out, take out your sewing machine and some thread, or go full-on manual with a needle and thread for this fun project.

Firstly before I’ll list the steps; I’d like to thank a dear reader, Connie Kahl for leaving a comment on an earlier piece about the trend inquiring about a tutorial on how to turn a skirt into palazzo pants.

I never truly thought about it but the idea of turning a skirt into a loose pair of pants took hold and because I’ve previously turned a pair of baggy denim pants into skinny trousers, I’m certain that this can be done. Upon consultation with my nifty mother, she demonstrated that it’s indeed doable, taking consideration of a few factors.

So how does on go about transforming an old maxi skirt into palazzo pants?

Choosing the Right Skirt

Choosing the right skirt with the right fabric is half the battle. If you’re a natural seamstress, you can skip this step. Next, make sure to choose an especially flowy maxi skirt with a fabric that is easy to sew on (like cotton, denim and wool). Avoid very sheer and slippery fabrics altogether.

Palazzo pants are naturally wide-legged, so it is vital to pick a maxi with an A-line skirt. Skirt with textures like this may also be used.

Avoid choosing a long skirt that has a straight/pencil-cut design. The limited fabric will prove disastrous as palazzos naturally need a lot of fabric in order for the leg of the pants to be extra wide.

Crotch Matters

And then there’s the matter of the crotch. I’m not an expert, but it’s obvious that if the fabric itself is limited, you can bet that your tushie will surely not be accommodated. (For beginners, I highly suggest starting the project with a skirt that you don’t mind ruining)

Taking all of this into consideration, you should put on the skirt and mark the spot where you’d like the crotch to be. With palazzo pants and other loose baggy trousers, it’s safe to let it be around mid-thigh. This way, the seat of your pants will be roomy enough for your bottom.

The Cutting Part

After marking the crotch area, now place the skirt (inside out) over a flat surface and gently spread it out in preparation for cutting just like so. Once you do that, you can slowly cut with a pair of sharp scissors beginning from the mid-bottom of the skirt to where you’ve marked the crotch.

The Sewing Part

Make sure to pin down the area you’ll be sewing with some needles just as a guide.

If you own a sewing machine and know how to use it, the rest is easy. If you’d like to go old school with the help of a needle and thread, please go ahead and do so, making sure that you’ve chosen the thread in the color that blends in with the colors present on the fabric. You should by this step know how to stitch. If not, learn more here.

No Longer An Old Skirt

After all the sewing/stitching, turn your newly-transformed pants inside out. Now your old skirt has grown some pant legs and become a pair of trendy palazzo pants. Remember that it’s going to take a little trial and error at first. Keep practicing and have fun!

Below are just some of the palazzo-themed looks worn by lookbookers for your inspiration:

palazzo pants – Dressabelle

striped palazzo pants – Our Prince Of Peace

sheer black palazzo pants – Forever 21

polka dotted palazzo pants – Forever 21

printed palazzo pants – WalkIn Closet

thrifted paisley print palazzo pants

hot pink palazzo pants – Landmark

What do you think? Do you have the guts to turn an old skirt into a pair of palazzo pants? Any extra tips to share? Voice it all out below.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert seamstress; the steps shared here for a DIY palazzo pants made at home came from a quick google effort and my beloved mother’s advice. I shall not be responsible for ruined skirts, pricked fingers and other catastrophes caused from attempting this project.

Credit: Turning A Hippy Skirt Into Bohemian Pants

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