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Fashionista NOW: How To Make Metallic Gold Fashion Trend Wearable?

Metallic gold has always been a part of fashion for as long as glitzy and glamorous people have been alive.

In today’s fashion world, full-on golden outfits are only best worn by celebs or fashion models and they certainly have no place in the lives of real people.

For the rest of us who may want to channel our inner Cleopatra once in a while, it’s safe to say that metallic gold is a pretty tempting trend to sport. The mere average person cannot get away completely draped in metallic gold.

To quote a comment made by a reader on Tom & Lorenza’s fashion article about the metallic gold trend for fall 2012, which I strongly concur with: Metallic gold if worn exclusively, can be a:

[…] far too loud a statement for most situations, and unless the lady in question is supremely self confident, would come off as trying too hard. My suspicion, is that we will see accents of gold showing up more often, in clothes, as well as gold dominated accessories. Easier to pull off a gold metallic blouse, or a gold belt, than a full length gold dress.

And also, gold tones do not work for everyone. But perhaps in tiny accents they can make a subtle impact as long as you aren’t allergic to the shiny color.

When I was a teenager, I thought gold jewelry was for old people. Gold outfits screamed tacky to me and were only to be strictly worn by shiny stars whose lives were spent largely on performances.

And then, I grew out of my teenage years and rebelled against my old non fashion ideas and started wearing gold bling bling and found that genuine gold earrings are not only lovely on my skin tone, but that they are perfect for my ultra sensitive skin.

And currently, I am also rocking the much loved golden nails.

My rant aside, you will find that metallic gold is fairly tame if you wear it in moderation and can really amp up your sense of style without being over the top.

Whether you choose to wear a gold blouse or a gold skirt, the key here is to team it with something non-shiny and check back with your comfort level. Shine doesn’t kill but it can be visually distracting.

So, ladies: What do you have to say about metallic gold tones in fashion? Would you wear the trend? Or would you rather not?

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