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Fashionista NOW: Houndstooth Print Fashion Trend

Houndstooth prints aren’t a new thing in fashion. In fact, the trend made an early comeback in 2009 but its ancient history reaches far back into the 1800s in Scotland.

These past few years have seen the pattern get recycled back into the various fashion seasons with the latest being celebrated just early this year as houndstooth prints basked in the limelight for Michael Kors’ Fall 2013 clothing line.

As with every fashion trend there is, hype makes fashion lovers ever-ready with giddy that they’d indulge in a trend way before its anticipated to make that seasonal grand entrance. Hard to call anyone a genuine fashion trendsetter these days but style, that is another topic altogether.

Anyway, the name of this print intrigued me. I tried scanning for a semblance of tooth in the pattern and lo’ and behold, I did see it. A funky tooth that appears to be dancing at a slanted position. I confess, I did not know of this trend at all until a few weeks back. Okay, scratch that. A few days ago I was oblivious to this very ancient pattern!

So what does a houndstooth pattern look like?

A houndstooth motif is basically characterized by an abstract four-pointed ends, often in black and white dual tone, though lately it has been reinvented with splash of vivid colors.

For those looking for new twist to the garden variety checkerboard/checkered prints, the houndstooth may be the kind you’d well appreciate. With the black and white monochrome trend still considered hot within the fashion playground, you will find that B&W houndstooth prints fit right on trend this year.

Scroll down for houndstooth-clad lookbookers and may you derive some fun inspiration from their ensembles.

houndstooth skirt

houndstooth jeans – Romwe

houndstooth print top and skirt – The Tight Bones

houndstooth spiked crop top – Unif

houndstooth leggings – Evleo

houndstooth jeans – Nasty Gal

houndstooth peplum shorts – Pinkaholic

Do you like any of these looks? Will you wait for fall/winter to whip out the canine tooth prints, or be a rebel and wear them now? Share below.

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