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Fashionista NOW: Gold Chic Fashion Inspiration

Gold offers a quick chic fix to your wardrobe bringing with it elements of luxury, sophistication and maturity. Wonder how to inject golden hues into your wardrobe? Stay on to find out.

Being a wearable shade that reflects light, gold can be a wonderful statement piece or used wisely as accents.

When I was young but old enough to have my ears pierced and wear jewelry, I thought silver was my thing.

Gold for the Old (Notice what I did there? No? Never mind!)

In my rebellious years, I associated gold jewelry with aged people (usually, above 18) who were old enough to get married or were already far along in their golden years.

I strongly felt that it would be the death of anything that’s ‘cool’ with me if I were to be caught wearing anything made of gold or plated with gold. The teenage mind was indeed a powerful thing where any given self-perceived uncoolness would be far worse than anything else!

So gold pants or skirts were simply just out of the question.

The Return To Gold

Fast forward up to now, this grown up gal has changed her mind!

Realizing that gold suits me better as it complements my yellow skin undertone, the teen rebel with a faux silver fetish has been finally put to rest. I’ve not a qualm with mixing gold and silver jewelry either.

Ever since my stumbling into the gold bandwagon, the idea of wearing gold-inspired wardrobe and accessories doesn’t feel unthinkable anymore. Imagine gold studded shoes, vintage-inspired gold purses, belts with bronze gold beading and blouses with gold appliques.

Aah, they’re all just awesome, right?

Gold, just like any other color in fashion comes in a wide variety of shades. From pale gold to golden brown, there’s a sea of looks that can be interpreted in between and the fact that these glittery shades will always be all-season appropriate is one that makes gold so covetable.

So, if you’re a gold type of girl like me, you’ll surely appreciate the selection of gold chic ensembles courtesy of awesome lookbookers I’ve rounded up below.

How to wear gold without turning into a walking gold bar?

mesh shirt with golden collar and cuff – Choies | skirt – Rare

skater skirt in gold – Awwdore

top with gold star studs – The Editor’s Market

gold pleated skirt – Beginning Boutique | chain necklace – Furor Moda

gold skirt –

gold skirt

gold sequined pants – N°21

gold shorts – Lulu*s

gold dress – Yohji Yamamoto | heels – Prada

Any of these metallic gold-inspired looks appeal to you? Do you mix gold and silver accessories together or do you think it’s a huge fashion blasphemy? Share your thoughts for free down below!

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