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Fashionista NOW: Girl, You Need A Splash Of Bright Color On That Face

Tired of the muted dark and beige tones of your attire and makeup? Have you, on any given day, managed to look somewhat flushed out of color and the bearings of your postures are beginning to look like you may have grown a little too comfortable with that slouch in our shoulders?

Know what? There’s a pleasantly quick and easy trick to get that drab off of your appearance and it doesn’t have to do with putting on bright-colored clothing at all. It is all in these three things: bold makeup, nail paint and hair color (the last one is optional).

A play of bright cheerful colors in your makeup can turn your appearance around. Bright cherry color on your lips can pull the focus straight onto your face and give the illusion of a much more brighter complexion.

A fresh red lip stain can also bring a modern and contemporary pop of vibrance into your appearance. In this weather though, choose a lipstick that moisturizes your lips as well to avoid the appearance of a dry and crackly pout.

With bold and striking lips, you may choose to leave the eye makeup neutral as recommended by most professional. It is more of choosing in between the two aspects of your face (eyes or lips) for the focus of attention to be. Plus, you wouldn’t want to look like you’ve stepped out of your clown uniform.

In any case, there’s no makeup law saying you must never have bold eyes and lips at once. It depends on your taste.

A pop of cheerful eye makeup is yet another easy way to mix in a splash of color accent into your appearance. Smokey eye makeup doesn’t have to be all brown, black and murky. You can replace those conservative dark colors with bright blues, purples, yellows and greens.

Don’t be afraid to play with all of the many happy and cheerful colors that you have in your eye makeup palette.

Sometimes, it takes a mix of two or three types of eye shadow colors to add a little drama to your eyes, ladies. Experiment with all of the eye shadow colors you have and find out the best combination that brings out the natural hue of your eyes.

Another easy alternative to add a fun accent of color to your appearance is by painting your finger nails. Choose neon bright nail pigments that will give character to your appendages.

With just a bit of tweaking around with your makeup and nail color, you’ll look much extra awake, fresher and ready to seize the day. Though it goes without saying that you do need to keep your physique healthy by exercising and your mind crystal clear by leading a lifestyle that is balanced.

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