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Fashionista NOW: Get Inked Out With Tattoo Tights/Leggings

Tattoos on your leggings? Really? Fans of faux and real tats, you’re going to love this micro trend. Hard core inked up ladies/blokes may hate it though, so please ex out of this window if you’re one of them.

When I was younger, I thought tattoos were cool (I still do think they’re cool but only on some people). Anyone with ink on random parts of their bodies seemed to ooze out exhilarating danger-alert factor. My stereotypical views were obviously strengthened by the media that had a good time portraying tattooed folks this way.

Upon scrutinizing people with real tattoos over time, I’ve come to realize that not everyone can sport tattoos and do justice to the whole inked up look. Even ones that look good with those permanent ink on their bodies will gradually stop looking that good.

Just imagine for a second of the perfect tattooed lad or gal. Now don’t tell me that you did not think of someone with toned bodies and outside-the-box personalities.

My point is, you can’t simply want to get inked just because it seems like a good idea. No, you have to think it through. Well, ideally, we hope that we’d do that. But we don’t and that’s why the tattoo removal industry will be the next big thing.

The cold truth is that the tat you’ve got in your 20s isn’t going to look good after a certain age. I’m happy that I’ve not followed my impulsive need to appear edgy when I was younger by getting inked out. Plus, my skin’s too sensitive for any type of pricking business. Okay, I admit I’m a wuss. There, I said it.

Rant aside, what do you think of tattoo tights or leggings?

For a look on how the young and trendy are wearing this trend, scroll on down below.

tattoo leggings by Bebaroque

tattoo stockings by Mexyshop

colorful tattoo leggings

tattoo leggings by Topshop

tattoo leggings by Romwe

tattoo tights by Ri by Carrie

mustache tattoo tights by Oasap

tattoo tights by Bebaroque

cats and stars tattoo stockings by Taobao

mermaid tattoo tights

Do you know that you can create DIY tattoo tights? If you’ve got abundant pairs of nude stockings/tights/leggings, I recommend reading this article and get creative!

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