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Fashionista NOW: Fringed Outerwear Fashion Inspiration

Fringe decorating your summer-relevant light outerwear promises movement and flow. Find out how to layer up in flowy and swing-y kimono-style outerwear this season.

Highlighted during Spring 2014 fashion runways, the fringe trend can be taken well into summer or any other season by wearing specific pieces that go with the weather, mood and occasion. A fringed leather bag is an all-year staple and can be worked into a daytime or evening outfit.

Layering during the summer season may sound absurd at first but when the outerwear is made of sheer breathable material as is evident in the kimono-style outerwear selection designed for spring and summer, it makes perfect sense and you’ll be delirious at the many ways that you can dress up even the most laziest of outfits.

A fringe detailing on your kimono cardigan, whether long or short, introduces texture, movement and fluidity that add up to the visual interest of an outfit. It also presents an opportunity to bring your inner bohemian/hippie out to play via a carefree tasseled style that isn’t just confined to shoes or bags.

Wonder how to wear a fringed kimono and indulge in a playful light layering this season? As always, to the selected fashion imagery from our top chic looks from LOOKBOOK:

fringed kimono – Love Culture

long kimono with fringe – Athena Procopiou

lace fringed kimono – Hollister

sheer black fringed cardigan – H&M

kimono – Fashion City

For more exciting ways to layer up in style in a fringed kimono, look to the roundup of polyvore sets below:

Tricky Trend: Kimonos

fringed kimono – River Island


studded and fringed poncho – Accessorize

Untitled #2566

gypsy kimono kaftan – AnnNEveleather (Etsy)

Untitled #478

lace and fringe kimono – 2020Ave

More ways to incorporate the fringe accent into your current wardrobe:

Fashionista NOW: Fringe Chic Fashion Inspiration

Fashionista NOW: The Fringe Fashion Trend ~ Playing With Swinging Textures

“To express ourselves through fashion is to acknowledge that we are different from others. In the big picture, peace is also the acknowledgment of our differences. If each and every person can start doing this in the one meter of space around them, I believe that peace would naturally come to the world.”Mamechiyo

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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