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Fashionista NOW: Fluffy Faux Fur Bags Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Muzi Q.

Accent your outfits with soft and fluffy (faux) fur bags this season!

Fur is a prickly issue that sheds light into the state of mind we hold of our furry friends. As a meat-eater who has never worn a piece of genuine fur in my life, I find it an interesting topic as we begin to notice how easy our minds compartmentalize certain things.

I think it’s sickening fur farms exist at all where animals are bred and raised solely for their fur. Instinctively comparing it to the animal farms for human sustenance doesn’t ease my cognitive dissonance. When Karl Lagerfeld stated that any fur discussion is childish set against a backdrop of a meat-eating world, I find his dismissal rather unbecoming. Reflecting further, there is indeed a seed of bitter truth in his statement if we are to be really honest.

Here I am against all forms of animal abuse and suffering, but how do I justify sinking my teeth into that piece of crispy fried chicken? I did not see it being slaughtered. I did use my own hands to drain the life out of the feathered creature. If I had to do all of that by myself, I will be a vegetarian in an instant. I’m sure I am not alone in this. But I would not use that reasoning to drape myself in animal skin because the idea that it was part of another living being scares the living daylights out of me.

A faux fur bag? Now that’s easier to handle. As a soft fluffy accent, fur handbags are a celebrated trend for Autumn/Winter 2014. The may come in their neutral brown, beige and cream colors or drenched in loud statement colors and prints. A fake fur-embellished accessory is a quick way to add textural interest into your outfit. As always, to the looks below for inspiration:

faux fur bag – Asos | Sonya Esman

fur bag – Depop | Jessica Sheppard

leopard print faux fur bag | Blake Von D.

colored fur bag – Zara | Kseniya Vostrikova


Untitled #69

| creative set designed by sourpants

Black outfit

| creative set designed by super-fashion-princess

Dior blue top fur bag dior shoes

| creative set designed by hugohsm

Faux Fur

| creative set designed by serena-silver

Untitled #230

| creative set designed by Economical Fashion

Do you wear fur? What do you think of the faux fur handbag trend? Would you wear it? Share your thoughts and let us know!

“It is no longer acceptable to ignore the suffering, and designers must take responsibility for the way that their fur is produced.”Twiggy

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