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Fashionista NOW: Flag Print Fashion Obsession

The two popular flags celebrated in fashion are American and British. Not sure why people wear flags of other countries as fashion statement? Don’t care for the whys but would like to know how to sport the flag prints in style?

From being a serious symbol of blood-shedding patriotism to a casual fashion print worn by young fashionistas, it’s apparent to note that flags of nations can be sported without having some deep meaning standing behind the gesture.

Being a Malaysian, I find the phenomenon of flag-wearing rather curious.

I have a friend who’s born and bred here that likes to wear British flag tees. I’d ask her one time as to why she’d wear a huge Union Jack flag stamped on her slouchy t-shirt but would never even consider wearing a shirt with a Malaysian flag print?

Her answer’s vague but the idea can be summed up into this: The U.K, flag print, to her, is more hip and trendy looking. I’d run my mouth and say that her mind’s subliminally brainwashed but perhaps, mere aesthetics are all is there to it.

Nevertheless, I am not the type to want to be caught wearing any nation’s flag even my own country’s as a fashion statement.

While I may find the hanging of tiny to medium-sized Malaysian flags on cars or homes in the spirit of celebrating the nation’s independence day (Merdeka) fit for the occasion, wearing sheer flag prints for the sake of fashion-statement-making just simply do not jive with me.

My little pet peeve aside, I’m sure some of you are direly obsessed with the flag print trend and would rather have a look at how fashionable peeps wear their favorite flag prints instead. So scroll on down below, quick:

union jack satchel – Oasap

union flag tee – Zara

british flag sweater – Forever 21

DIY american flag clutch

flag print shorts – Pinkaholic

flag print shirt – Unif

flag print pants – Oasap

So, what do you say to flag-printed clothing? Love or loathe? Share your thoughts down below!

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