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Fashionista NOW: Fashion With Common Sense

Life is too short to wear boring clothes – A line that appeals to the fashion-infatuated and style fanatics. But lately, all I could thing of is that we’d all look better in reasonable clothes no matter how boring they may seem to appear.

Human beings have always been consumed by their own external appearances and ways to beautify themselves since the dawn of time but the scale of which this is now observable and celebrated is quite impressive..Just get on YouTube and you’ll get a clue.

What celebrities wear now infects the zeitgeist of the fashion culture in such a short time that it could be said that the masses of mushrooming fashionistas are in fact under a spell of a virulent fashion contagion.

While public figures have been the stimulant for this sort of self-indulgent obsession with clothes, we the fashion follower, immensely inspired, have failed to notice that we are not getting any monetary support for our bouts and fits of ridiculous attires.

Unlike these figures who gain celebrity points from the hoo-ha of media’s hate/love game of what they wear for the morning run, we stand to lose friends, family members and even pets.

The cost of our attempts to be stylish while being absolutely naive is too much. Soon, questions will begin to pop up: Why on earth did I willingly wear hellish-looking outfits in the spirit of fashion. Mix and match? Who came up with such a ludicrous idea? How can I get Google to clear this cache of embarrassing snapshots once and for all? When did I become blind?

And that’s precisely why I find it most beneficial and wise to tame the blind trend-following syndrome among our fashion-driven crowd with the timely words of wisdom to remind us that we ought to make some space in our cluttered proverbial mental wardrobe, for some basic old-fashioned common sense.

Here are ten lines of fashion common sense worth wrapping your mind with, at least for now. You can thank me later!

♥ You can do so much with a pair of form-fitting jeans, there’s no reason not to.

♥ If you love dresses, the least you can do is to pick ones that will do justice to your shape.

♥ Work colors into your outfit in graceful doses.

♥ Wear what really makes you smile. First, it has got to be comfortable. Pain does not add points to your style.

♥ It may seem cool to follow trends but there’s nothing admirable about being broke because of it. Keep it simple.

♥ Mixing and matching prints can be tiresome after a while. Stick with one type of prints and you’ll eliminate the unnecessary headache.

♥ Bulky shoes with sky-high heels are not for everyone. They are in fact atrocious on short legs.

♥ No matter how hot that leather jacket looks on a lookbooker who happens to live in Auckland, NZ, you can bet that it is not wearable here where it’s hot and humid with no signs of the four seasons like ever.

♥ A good hairstyle does really add to your look. Choose it well.

And most important one of all:

♥ What you wear may tell a story about yourself; so do good hygiene and pleasant manners.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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