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Fashionista NOW: Fashion With An Attitude – Going Dark And Mysterious

Tired of wearing bright colors? Got your heart broken into a million pieces and you’re done with pastel-y romantic tones and are ready to move on to darker and bolder colors? This piece is for you then.

Wearing muted dark tones of blacks, browns, purples, reds and greens will not turn you into a miser if it signifies the act of turning a new leaf. But to be safe,  those whose moods are easily affected by colors, wait at least after a period of time has passed.

If you’re like me with an easy inclination to put on a black shirt and some dark denim because the combo is flattering to your person, you’ll be happy to check out some of the most eye-catching fashion with an attitude inspired by dark colors, brought by fashionable lookbook fashionistas.

Let’s scroll down for some eye candy!

Okay, so this may look a little zombie apocalyptic in vibe but I just have to share it because ah well, I’m into it. I love every little thing about her get-up, from her dark and muddy acid washed jeans to her studded black top and her black knitted cardigan. Her vampiristic makeup is perfect, at least to me. It’s obviously not for the light hearted.

And, you may wonder why would anyone want to look like they’ve been infected by zombie virus after getting their heart broken. Well, it could cheer you up in a dark twisted way and what’s there to lose looking like a stunning zombie right? Heh Heh.

Moving along to the next fashion inspiration – It’s all about blacks and muddy army greens. The first thing that caught my eye was her funky futuristic bangs(or fringe). The cut does a great job at framing her face, pulling our attention straight onto her beautiful face. Her black studded belt, chunky bag and booties pull the look together like a soldier!

Now there’s nothing wrong with introducing a tiny pop of color. But not too much. The lovely Kady Ta wears a red hat that adds a distinct contrast to the black of her sweater and leggings and it also matches her red lips. I can’t tell you how much I absolutely adore those shoes! They look like they’re  made for walking!

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And here’s another one of the red and black theme. Her red super duper chunky lace up heels go with her red triangle earrings. And her nails and lips are in hot red too. And seriously, you’ve gotta love that black leather biker jacket, if you aren’t so preoccupied with a serious thought like how can she walk in those chunky feet-killers!

Masha looks uber grungy wearing an off shoulder black knitted sweater with studded shorts in a color that matches her hair. And you could almost feel the ‘attitude’ emanating from her studded black shoes, and the quirky DIY bag adds a subtle character to the whole ensemble. Not sure if I fancy the pointy ring because I hate to poke myself in the eye, but one thing that’s really eye-poking, oops eye-catching is that snake ear cuff!

I hope these casual fashion ideas appeal to your fashion senses. Have an awesome February!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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