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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Fan Shape Jacket Earrings With A Subtle Bohemian Ethnic Touch

Fashionista NOW: Fan Shape Jacket Earrings With A Subtle Bohemian Ethnic Touch

Fan Shape Jacket Earrings With A Subtle Bohemian Ethnic Touch

Credit | umya

Lovers of ear jackets and fan-shaped earrings, these are the two pairs you don’t want to miss!

I love the versatility of jacket earrings and they allow you various ways of wearing them. Fan-shaped earrings too delight me as there’s something of a classic charm to the way the curved shape peeks over or at the edge of the ear lobe. I have spacious lobes and I’m always excited to use the space with earrings that feature interesting angles and designs and like clothing, earrings frame and accentuate our natural form.

With these stunning silver fan-shaped jacket earrings from umya, my eyes are pulled into the intricate ethnic patterns that adorn the silver fan shape. One pair is in the usual fan shape with curves and lines that make them a visual feast with a boho twist.

The other one is in a gingko fan shape that is a lovely reinterpretation of the default fan shape. What’s even more exciting is you get to choose the studs to accompany the jackets (which are in the fan shapes) from four available options.

Remember to consider the size of your ear lobe and the placement of piercing so you can get a visual idea of how the fan jacket earrings will translate on your unique ears. Every ear lobe is different! And there are other countless fan jacket earrings to consider.

For this post, I have to give these two a highlight as they are simply stunning. Wear them casually or with a dressy look and watch how your ear game gets transformed.

Enjoy admiring!


Boho Fan Shape Jacket Earrings


| shop here


Ginkgo Fan Shape Jacket Earrings


| shop here


Which fan jacket earrings would you love to decorate your ears with? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love the design of these ear jackets? Be sure to give umya a peek and a follow as they have a lot more handcrafted jewelry to choose from!

“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.” —  Roy T. Bennett

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