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Fashionista NOW: Fall’s Hat Trend ~ Knit Beanie Fashion Inspiration

One of the most wearable trends for Autumn from the head accessory department is the knit beanie. If you loathe hats or anything that flattens the hair on top of your head, then you’re going to click out of the window. But if you’re a beanie lover, you’ll stay around longer!

Beanies aren’t a new invention.

In fact, these seamed caps traced back to a more humble period where they were worn exclusively by blue collar laborers, including welders, mechanics, and other tradesmen who needed to keep their hair back, but for whom a brim would be an unnecessary obstruction. [Source]

When a glam magazine refers to the headwear as a runway trend whose influence will hold much relevance and appeal to the great masses, my eyeballs did a quick roll. Fact: The beanies were already invading heads of casual folks before they climbed over heads of high fashion models.

Anyway, with beanies, you really don’t have to splurge (unless, you want to) to appreciate the comfort they can offer on frosty days and nights or to simply conceal less than desirable hair on those crazy days. Knit beanies of every, texture, color and degree of slouch can be found online or offline at affordable price points.

If you’re one to loathe hats/caps that take away the focus from your silky and long mane but still want to sport the beanie for fall, rest assured as you’ll find that you can still have gorgeous hair while wearing the beanie.

Don’t believe it for a second? Well, then check out the looks down below to get an idea on how to wear the beanie without looking like you’re camouflaging crazy hair underneath:

tan shredded beanie – 2020Ave

old black beanie

black beanie – The Sexy Kids Revolution [TSKR]

army green beanie – Asos

thrifted essential black beanie

beanie – iAnyWear

black third eye beanie – iamVibes

turquoise beanie – Billabong

geometric beanie – Etys (SourpussKnits)

So, what do you say? Are you a fan of the beanie trend? What other hat trends do you go mad for? Leave your comments down below, thank you!

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