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Fashionista NOW: Exotic Animal Fashion Inspiration ~ The Tiger Print Trend

Attention to fashion followers who are wild about exotic animal prints: this one’s for you.

We’ve all seen leopard, zebra, cheetah and snake prints prowling the fashion scene recently. Marketed in such a way that animal prints are invading the fashion industry, from accents on jewelry, shoes and sandals, to full-on prints on blouses, tees, skirt and dresses, we have eventually succumbed to a dizzying effect of animal fever, fashion-wise.

For those with an affinity for all sorts of exotic animal prints in clothing, tiger prints will be a thrilling addition.

The best way to carry off a tiger print themed outfit is to wear it as an accent, instead of a complete full-on as you don’t want to appear as though you’ve escaped from a safari. Keep in mind that animal prints in bold designs can be overpowering as they are visually-intense, quite like the hungry tiger.

Tiger prints on slouchy tees and tank tops are by themselves statement-making as they can bring an interesting twist to an outfit. To keep your getup looking tasteful, fashion experts highly recommend sticking with a single animal print piece while keeping the rest in neutral tones and clean lines. Let the tiger do the growling while you stay charming.

Wearing clashing exotic printed pieces in loud designs, in my opinion, can confuse real animals and distract other human beings in a bad way. So, try to stay away from piling too many of these exotic prints in one go.

As it’s also obvious that the trend isn’t made for everyone, it’s advisable to not be taken in by the tiger print trend just to keep up with what other people are wearing. If you do so prefer to expand your sense of style, start with muted tiger patterns as they’re easier to pull off.

For those who are into bold animal print trend, this one’s definitely worth a splurge.

Wonder how to make tiger prints wearable? Well, here are a selection of fashionistas looking adventurous draped in tiger prints to help you with that.

What do you think of the tiger print trend? Is it too much, too loud and only for a certain age group? How do you subtly incorporate exotic animal prints into your outfit? Shoot your thoughts down below.

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