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Fashionista NOW: Eid Fashion Ideas With Peter Pan Collars

Customize your Raya outfit with peter pan collars.

So have you decided on a baju raya or two this year? Don’t say you’ve run out of ideas in the Internet age. That’s blasphemous.

One of the sundry array of trends that stayed on the fashion spotlight which begs to be sported this Raya is none other than the pretty quirky peter pan collar trend.

Dresses and blouses that feature the peter pan collars set off a demure and ultra lady-like vibe especially when they’re in soft muted pastels and accompanied with delicate lace or embroidery details. For an edgy and youthful effect, choose peter pan collars embellished with sequins, studs, or other details.

I highly recommend them for Raya if one aims to go for a chic modern look. It’s awe-inducing how the presence of a simple round-edged collar can turn a typical top or dress into something classy and well put together.

I can even see a peter pan collared top paired with a batik sarong for a blend of both current and traditional flavours.

Peter pan collars come in many sizes and designs, from thin and prim to sailorman oversized and even detachable. You’d also be happy to learn that they can be made at home with the help of DIY videos shared on Youtube.

Eid fashion doesn’t have to be that expensive for it to ooze with style. It’s nice to be economical and still be fashionable at this time of the year.

Check out this quick and easy video on how to make your very own peter pan collars. DIY peter pan collars allow you to input your own unique and fun charateristics into your own creation!

Video by: The Fashion Citizen

And here’s another one using a scalloped peter pan collar pattern template, a bunch of your favorite rhinestones and a good fabric glue:

Video by: Fashion With Evelina Barry

Below are some of the ways that you can rock the peter pan collar trend this Eid. From casual, semi-formal to ultra formal, you can dress the style up or down according to your preference.

Will you sport the peter pan collar trend this Raya? How would you wear it? Leave your thoughts below.

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