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Fashionista NOW: Cross Print Fashion Inspiration

Do you wear cross print clothing to celebrate your faith? Or do you wear them for a not-so-holy reason? Check out cross printed looks that are safe to wear for Christmas or any other day.

A cross print, the kind which is an unmistakable symbol of a Christian’s belief is and has been on the fashion scene ever since celebs and pop stars started the trend of flaunting religious imagery to reflect their beliefs (or not) which then gradually evolved into another ‘cool’ thing to sport, whether the wearer’s of the faith or not.

Nevertheless, the fact that cross patterns; positioned vertically, inverted or sideways have been making a mark on clothing, jewelry and accessories without triggering violent upheavals reveals a level of tolerance and acceptance amongst those whose beliefs are deeply woven into the symbol.

However, in the context of fashion, this one’s a tricky print to sport if you’re not of the belief and are particularly sensitive to meanings behind symbols that others may take very seriously. Instead of the religious cross symbol, perhaps a mathematical ‘plus symbol would be a less controversial option for you?

Although I may not bat an eyelid over a cross adorned young hipster who may choose to wear the print in a tongue-and-cheek manner usually paired with some unholy pieces such as a top or bottom that displays words or symbols that are purposely antagonistic to the religious symbol of said cross, others may not find such display charming at all.

No matter, it’s pretty obvious that cross prints have crossed the border, from the pure-and-sacred and into the hello vanity territory.

While visually, they hold a certain appeal among the young crowd, believers or not, I personally would not wear the ‘trend’ for I’ve only got intense love on a specific symbol and that is the universal symbol of peace.

For a look at how you can wear a cross print top to celebrate your faith just in time for Christmas (or casually) but still play it safe and sensible so you’d not be mistaken by your sweet grandma as that wild punk of a child/woman (that you may actually be), check out the roundup of cross themed looks that I’ve selected below:

cross muscle tee – The Classic

cross print top – Pinkaholic

cross print sweater – Romwe

cross print swing shirt – Romwe

cross print chiffon shirt – Oasap

Cherry readers, pray tell, what kind of a cross dresser are you? (see what I did here?) Do you say yay to the cross print fashion trend or do you say a resounding heavens, no? Share your thoughts below!

“Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”Henry David Thoreau

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