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Fashionista NOW: Cozy Oversized Cardigan Fashion Inspiration

As temperature dips, we call YOU to whip out your selection of slouchy cardigans and start layering up for comfort and style.

Living in hot and humid Malaysia, layering up with thick cardigans is far from practical.

September’s had a breather in the form of a gloomy monsoonic rain that lowers temperature down just a bit but enough for me to start imagining of residing on a cool mountain top like Genting.

The malls (and offices), on the other hand, may be chillier than the outdoors here which in turn have allowed me the opportunity to layer up in my slouchy cardigan after months or airy cotton wear.

Then it dawned on me that I’ve always appreciated a layered ensemble but could not indulge on a daily basis except during rainy season. As much as I enjoy the cool breeze, I actually find the wetness after a daily pour depressing.

Why can’t we have Autumn here? Minus winter. I can live with spring and autumn really! But that’s a bit much I know, wanting only the nicest of seasons.

Anyway, the signature heat of this tropical paradise can make us forget of the simple act of donning an oversized cardigan to ward against the rain-induced (or air-conditioned) chills.

You don’t need to spend a dime for slouchy cardis, there are tons to choose from our local boutiques.

And even if they start to fray, don’t chuck them away! Cardigans with a distressed look are IN, ladies. Work it into you casual outfit for a carefree bohemian flair.

Slouch Can Be Chic Too

There’s something about slouchy outerwear in general that spells hassle-free comfort.

The fact that the cardigan slouches on the body is the one huge factor that makes it so appealing. It allows you the space to relax while slipping into something that is supposed to look slouchy without having to justify for the less-than-structured look.

Depending on your taste, you may choose a colored cardigan for a vibrant statement or stick with muted neutrals like white, black, beige or brown and cozy up in a classic minimalist style.

Don’t know if you can pull off the slouchy cardigan look? No worries – just scroll down for some visual help from a roundup of my favorite big old cardigan ensembles from lookbookers.

mohair cardigan – Acne Studios

thrifted cable knit cardigan

pink cardigan – SheInside

vintage knit sweater cardigan

cardigan – Talula

thrifted cable knit cardigan

knit outerwear

What do you think of slouchy cardigans? Can you see yourself wearing these uber laid-back outerwear? Voice it all out in the comment section below!

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