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Fashionista NOW: Cool Cat Eye Sunglasses Fashion Inspiration

What’s simpler than a perfectly-constructed cat eye makeup? Answer: Cat eye sunnies! Click through for fun ways to wear this hot eyewear trend.

Cat eye sunglasses graced faces of famous female celebrities as far back as the 1950s. Icons like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor popularized the trend that went together with the 1960s beehive hairdo. Unlike the circle and the oversized bug-eyed sunglasses, this retro-style eyewear trend flatters all face shapes.

For angular face shapes, a pair of cat eye sunnies with rounded edges will help to soften the look. For rounded face shapes, ones with sharper edges and an exaggerated cat eye style aid to draw the attention up and away from the jawline or cheeks.

With the glasses’ outer edges significantly raised near the temples, the wearer’s look is subtly transformed. Of course, we do ponder about the right kind of outfits to wear with such a strong statement-making eyewear. And delightfully, the answer is again, simple and straightforward. From casual to dressy, this is one of the versatile eyewear styles that can infuse instant pizzazz regardless of the outfit you are wearing.

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Excited to add a dose of glam into an outfit in a jiffy?

Go on and check out the fashion imagery featuring the retro eye-catching cat eye sunglasses below:

cat eye sunnies – Zara | Aida Plaza

cat eye metallic marble sunnies – Zerouv | Alexis Kingery

cat eye leopard sunnies | Greta Greta

cat eye sunnies | Michelle Colin

sunglasses – Bershka | Lauren Gould

cat eye sunglasses – Zerouv | Jill Wallace

Other styles of outfits to wear with the cat eye sunnies:

Untitled #1915

| creative set designed by Sierra

one foot on the platform

| creative set designed by greatmisery

?????? #862

| creative set designed by papee

I breathe the dust of stars from up in the sky

| creative set designed by Hanna

Different parts, still the same

| creative set designed by greatmisery

Do you fancy this old-school eyewear trend? If so, what kind of cat eye sunglasses do you go for? Something with bold prints/colors or the timeless classic earthy variety? Share below and let us know!

“Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look — just like a new hairstyle.”Brad Goreski

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