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Fashionista NOW: Chic Open Shoulder Tops Fashion Inspiration

Don’t want to bare your waist, stomach, back or spine for the love of the cut out fashion trend? Why not expose your shoulders instead with open shoulder cut out style tops.

The cut out designs of this year promise sleeker peek-a-boo renditions that will appeal to many. From midriff-exposing details to back cutouts in shapes like hearts and skulls that you’ve witnessed of late, flesh-baring can be less intimidating if one were to take a much subtle approach.

If midriff-baring cutout styles make you uncomfortable, you are definitely not alone. Don’t like to expose your back because you’d feel weird and that you don’t want your back acne to get highlighted? No need to back-bare then, when there are other safer parts of your anatomy to expose.

With open shoulder blouses rendered in various ranges of cutout exposure, you would be more than just delighted to indulge in a bit of a shoulder tease that falls within your comfort zone.

Not sure how to specifically wear the shoulder-exposing look? Know that you can take it from day to night as you cue in the lookbooks we’re rounded up below:

shoulder cut out shirt – Seventeen Origins

off-the-shoulder chiffon blouse – Sheinside

shoulder cut out blouse – Chicwish

shoulder cut out jumper – Chicwish

shoulder cut out sweater – Joa + Closet

shoulder cut out shirt – Zalando

Check out some of the cold shoulder top styles that I personally adore down below:

cold shoulder top

pleione print cold shoulder top – Nordstrom (click image to go to item)

cold shoulder knit

cold shoulder knit – Nasty Gal (click image to go to item)

cold shoulder cardigan

cold shoulder cardigan in sweatshirt fabric – Glamorous (click image to go to item)

Liking any of the open shoulder looks? Tell us which one’s the look you’d wear. Would you be giving this trend a try this year or the cold shoulder? Share below!

“I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions.”Lillian Hellman

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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