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Fashionista NOW: Chic Lace Up Heels Fashion Inspiration

Looking for a spunky footwear style that can update your outfit in a heartbeat? Then, quickly get yourself a pair of lace up heels.

Women’s footwear has it all; from the most conservative of shoe styles that you won’t bat an eyelid at, to the ridiculously high-heeled kinds that may appear more like torture devices than anything else.

The lace up heel style was celebrated as a spring trend of last year.

With that said, it was one of the footwear styles that I thought was pretty edgy at first sight. However, after seeing them everywhere, I realized that the peek-a-boo effect and the strappy-ness may be tough to sport if you’re leg-conscious.

It may look incredibly rad on a long-limbed woman, but if adding back inches to your height is of a main priority whenever you style your outfit, the lace up heels can be a tad tricky to pull off.

For some quick tips on how to wear the lace up heels without losing inches from your height, scroll on below:

leopard lace up heels – Zara

The pairing of on-and-above-the-knee skirts and shorts with lace up heels is the best if you love to flaunt your legs. A lace up heel can bring sass to the most casual of outfits. If you have long legs and don’t mind showing them off, cue the look above for a dose of serious attitude.

lace up scalloped sandal heels – Jessica Buurman

Lace up heels in black worn with a sleek black dungaree this way works to keep the inches back to your height. As long as the footwear color palette blends with outfit in a continuous line, you will be alright!

lace up heels – Sigerson Morrison

Here’s another casual look that’s given an oomph factor with the addition of a lace up heel. Sultry and edgy, you cannot deny how effective a pair of black lace up heels can do to your off-day outfit. Long legs can never go wrong in a lace up heel, yes?

lace up heels – ShoeDazzle

If you’re petite and feeling blue because you think you cannot wear a lace up heel, then we suggest that you cheer up right away because Miss Daniela – a petite fashionista herself – shows that with the right outfit coordination, the lace up heels aren’t just for the tall ones.

It’s all in the matter of details and proportions. Here, she pairs a slouchy leather top with a boyfriend style denim. Notice that the lace up ties above the ankle where her cuffed denim quickly begins? A tiny trick such as this one is a real height-booster along with the added inches given by the heels.

lace up heels – Fancy Feet

Here’s another casual black and white outfit that gets a touch of sleekness with black lace up heels. The black color of the footwear can present a harsh contrast against the background of your skin. For gals with curvy or big calves, we recommend choosing a lace up heel in the closest shade to your skin tone to create an illusion of a longer leg.

thrifted lace up heels

An outfit of a neutral color palette such as this one is easier to complete with a neutral black lace up heel. The two are a perfect pairing as they blend seamlessly together in a way that an outfit of vibrant colors cannot.

This way, you get to keep your height while looking your best.

Do you like the lace up heel trend? How would you style your outfit when wearing such an edgy footwear? Share below and let us know.

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”Carl Jung

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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