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Fashionista NOW: Chic In Tulle Skirts For Valentine’s Day 2014 Fashion Inspiration

From uber-girly to unabashed womanly appeals, tulle skirts carry an ability to showcase both splendidly when worn accordingly. Wonder how to wear tulle skirts without turning into a complete ballerina for Valentine’s?

What is tulle?

Tulle is a lightweight netted fabric that is made silk, nylon or rayon and occasionally, cotton.

The term ‘tulle’ comes from a well known city in France’s southern central region which was the hub for lace and silk production in the 18th century. It is of a no surprise that early tulle netting most likely originated from here.

Associated with wedding gowns, veils, ballet tutus and costumes, tulle has gone a long way into becoming a modern fashion staple appearing in chic and stylish street wear.

How to wear tulle skirts?

The fashion-forward are fearless when it comes to injecting tulle skirts into their day to evening wear and fashion designers are keen in making them wearable by introducing new and unexpected ways of styling.

Tulle skirts aren’t only made for those with a deep affinity for the girly ballerina style, seeing that a mash-up of various fashion trends is now the feature of today’s contemporary wardrobes.

The girly element of the tulle’s fluffiness, for instance, is offset with the addition of a casual more structured top. Instead of ballet-like shoes, the modern fashionista chucks on a pair of worn out sneakers. Denim jacket is thrown on into the mix for an edgy flair.

For various ways to sport the tulle skirt for Valentine’s day, cue in the lookbooks below as a guide:

A-line tulle skirt – Sylwia Majdan

How fluffy and twirly is this tulle skirt! Check out the way it adds volume to the posterior. Nothing like a tulle skirt to unleash the girly in any lass. For a dose of elegance, finish with pointy pumps.

ruffled mini tulle skirt – YRYS

Youthful and girly, is how this look translates into. In any outfit that is centered around a tulle skirt, mind your waistline.

An accentuated waistline marked by a belt or cinched by tucking in the tails of your top will ensure that your figure isn’t lost in all of that fluff. A fitted top like this one is not only super adorable but it also lengthens your form.

Complete the look with easy-to-walk-in flats if you plan on taking a stroll with your other half or friends on the V-day.

navy blue tulle skirt – Chicwish

Polka dotted blouse combined with a navy blue tulle skirt is a way to modernize the all-too-girly tulle. Instead of dainty heels, wear booties instead for an added contrast and to put laidback-ness back into your outfit.

polka dot tulle skirt – Romwe

Pink shades are all too sweet when a tulle skirt’s concerned. Why not go with an unexpected gray and navy palette to amp up the chic factor in a more modern way. Let the dotted mini tulle speak for itself.

And as a nod to the color of the year, carry a retro shoulder bag in purple. Pick heels in the closest shade to the color of your skin for legs that go on for miles.

tutu tulle skirt – Romwe

A tulle skirt will always bring a textural interest into any outfit. Rendered in a trendy light purple shade, you can choose to go completely light and feminine or take a darker route by pairing it with muted charcoal and black colors.

I adore how the rest of the getup – top, shoes and bag – reflects a no-nonsense practicality. Miss Staaf’s understated look is definitely my favorite!

tulle skirt – Front Row Shop

Who says you can’t pull off girly in a minimalistic monochromatic sort of way? Prisca’s silver and black outfit palette lets the spotlight shine on the pleated tulle skirt. Those ankle strap perspex wedges go perfectly well with the outfit, it’s ridiculous!

black tutu skirt – Vaintage

For an edgier style, clash a neon yellow bustier with a black mini tulle. Slip your feet into a pair of murderous platform harness boots in black and shine bright like a diamond.

Do you like how the lookbookers style their tulle skirts? How would you style yours? Do you think it’s a perfect skirt style o wear on V-day or do you have other styles in mind? Share them all below, it’s FREE!

For those looking to create your own tulle skirt from scratch, I recommend checking out Margaret’s DIY tulle skirt step-by-step ‘tulle-torial.’

Just around the corner in every woman’s mind – is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her.Wilhela Cushman

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