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Fashionista NOW: Chic Culottes Fashion Inspiration

If skorts are too short for your liking and you loathe the torn appearance of the front fabric flap, we want you to squeal in delight and toss the trend aside because culottes are back in fashion.

I personally find the current skort’s front hem style aggravating. Culottes, on the other hand, have the faux skirt appearance on the outside down to a tee. Skorts aren’t culottes and culottes aren’t exactly gauchos.

Confused? Let me quickly sum up so you can get a clear idea of some of the subtle differences.

Skorts vs Culottes vs Gauchos

A skort is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front. The new breed of skort that’d fueled the obsession of the fashion crowd last year:

Gauchos or gaucho pants refer to the wide, calf-length trousers for both men and women modeled after the trousers worn by South American gauchos.

They feature a high waist cut that loosely tapers from the thigh until a few inches below the knee. Gauchos were the cat’s pajamas back in the 60s and 70s.

A revived retro trend of the early 2000s, gauchos still lurk behind the shadows of fashion:

gaucho capri pants

Culottes, also called the split/divided skirt used to be popular back in the 90s.

A culotte is a garment that hangs like a skirt but in reality is trousers. Culottes come in various hemlines, from just above the knee to ankle length.

The wide hemmed trouser trend that we call the palazzo pants, is considered to refer to the full-on culottes.

Now if you’re ready to say goodbye to the overrated skort fashion trend and slip your limbs into the comfy yet stylish culottes, now’s the time to do so.

For a quick tip on how to wear culottes in style this season, on to the lookbooks below:

floral print culottes – Asos

vintage culottes – Beyond Retro

vintage polka dot culottes

tartan culottes – Vintage Rokit

off white culottes – Mind The Mustard

culottes – Céline

royal blue culottes – Asos

So, would you give culottes a try this season? How would you personally style culottes? Share below and let us know.

“An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it.”Robert Bresson

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