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Fashionista NOW: Celebrate New Year’s Eve Indie Punk In Style

If you’re not aiming to look girly and ultra feminine in dresses and soft pastel-y clothing, don’t worry, go punk and edgy in style this new year.

And when I say punk, I seriously mean punk in the true essence of the word. Wear whatever that suits your fancy, don’t bother about what others have to say or want to say about what it is that you’re wearing. And that’s the true spirit of punk.

For the purpose of this fashion article, however, I’ll be sticking with the looks that have blacks in them more than any other darkish color. The other colors such as blues, reds and plumps will serve as accents to the punk look. In any case, you don’t have to look exactly like what’s portrayed in the inspiration photos.

Think of it as the modern punk and that you have to incorporate your own unique quirks and characters into the punk fashion you’re going for.

Studs are cool but some may not like as much as I do. In little amounts, they actually look good. Check out the heels in the picture above. I think they’re amazing. The red collared shirt peeking out of the black knitted sweater adds a burst of color.

A black dress with eye-catching detailing such as the black stripes in the picture above is a quick way to capture a subtle elegance with a dash of punk. Her hair’s not too overly done, a bit of wind-swept and messy, that’s how I like it.

A signature of the punk fashion is the tendency to play around with startling hair colors. Well you don’t need to go all crazy with the faux mohawk and what not, really. All you have to do is dye a part of your hair a color that will give your crown that rebellious look. Dark greens and moody plums are great punk colors.

Instead of extremely torn jeans with dramatic patches that can be over the top, you can ease up the look, by wearing a mildly-torn denim, with a loose shirt. It doesn’t always have to be band shirts, you know. I love that her heels are muted black, letting us focus more on her upper half and the leggy legs.

Red hair with blonde ends, messily teased. Dark purplish lips and pasty makeup. That’s pretty traditional punk. Vintage tee under a cool black jacket. Dark blue painted nails. The rest are all in black, safe for the designs on the tee. A very vital element in pulling off the punk look is having a really strong attitude and personality. Do not step out of your home, without it. Or you’ll look like a poser and that’s an ugly look to sport!

Her faux leather jacket steals the attention as much as her funky hair-do. The plum-y skinnies give a bit of light into an already dark look.

A bit of studs on the collars of her jacket, and the stars in her scarf do look pretty nice. I love her leggings or skinny pants and her boots. Her hair’s pulled up in a whimsical bun, just as it should be. Vital fact: Try not to spend to much time beautifying your hair that it’ll look too polished. We punks love the tousled hair-do that looks effortless.

Dark boots, heels and kickers are mighty cool when you’re sporting the laid-back edgy look. Stay away from fancy girly heels that come in soft colors. We want that rustic, worn out look, not shiny and glittery like a princess.

Steven Tyler has a very bold and out of the box look that screams punk, and that’s something you can’t learn. It’s intrinsic, like an extension of his inner personality. Though he may get thrashed for being so liberal in his fashion ways, you can almost feel the aura of a true fashion rebellion in the way he dresses up.

Add in prints and feathers if you like, the lord of punk is too busy looking good to bother if you’re adhering to a perceived standard or stuff like that.

The stripey black and blue midi skirt coupled with a black sleeveless top, windblown hair does the trick. It’s modern and minimalistic. A lovely way to look as you countdown with your friends at the eve of the new year.

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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