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Fashionista NOW: Celebrate Chinese New Year 2012 In Red & Dragon Inspired Colors

Celebrate Chinese New Year with your best styles inspired by the popular color red and a variety of cheerful colors of the dragon as 2012 marks the year of the divine animal, according to the Chinese calendar.

For those who are keen to introduce a burst of colors into your outfits, let this celebration be the time to flaunt those merry colors to signify hopeful beginnings of the new year.

In contrast to the Western idea of the slay-worthy beast dragon, the Oriental dragon is a divine creature that symbolizes intense power and good fortune.

Here are some interesting ideas on how you can spice up your Chinese New Year look with a color splash to set the mood.

Starting with the color red, you can ease into a broader spectrum of colors that will turn heads. Who says that you can’t look most feminine and edgy by introducing a black jacket and heels while wearing a red sheer flowing dress?

If you’re the casual fashionista that’s into quirky and casual look – Wear it like Anastasia Siantar who’s comfortable in her jumper, short shorts and a pair of red bow tie platform shoes.

Don’t think you look good in brilliant red? No worries – Wear a bronze dress with gold and beige accents like Laureen Uy for that understated elegance.

If you’re looking to include the many colors of the flamboyant dragon into your get-up, start color-blocking to your heart’s sheer content.

Instead of going all red, the additional burst of colors will ensure you look cheerful and rad.

Embrace your quirky and unique side by pairing a green blazer over a loose stripy top with a pair of bright blue pants and black wedges. Greenish-blue is said to be the perfect color for those who are born on the year of the dragon. FYI, the years of the dragon include:

1904 * 1916 * 1928 * 1940 * 1952 * 1964 * 1976 * 1988 * 2000 * 2012

A very exciting announcement: Mayo Wo is in Malaysia! Being the style-stalker that I am, I found through lookbook that she is within the Kuala Lumpur parameters. I take this window of opportunity to welcome the most fashionable granny ever who hails from Hong Kong to our most humble, humid and stormy land.

BTW: I believe that her lovely red pleated skirt could be one of the many Chinese New Year splendid fashion styles to wear! What do you think?

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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