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Fashionista NOW: Butterfly Prints In Fashion & Accessories Inspired By The Winged Insect

Butterflies are quietly beautiful. They flutter into our sight and take hold of our attention. For a while, we are transferred back in time.

As a child, I made believe that they were magical fairies that could sprinkle glittery fairy powder all over me and take me to a special place where Peter Pan existed.

As much as I’d adored real life butterflies then, the fascination never developed into a full-blown butterfly fashion obsession. I guess, even if they were kind of beautiful, they were still insects. And that was kind of icky.

The butterfly symbolizes the power of air and the ability to float upon a breeze.

The way that it darts from one point of space to another symbolically represents the mind and the ability to change our minds when needed. In fashion photography, butterflies have often been used to complement an imagery or utilized as the primary idea by itself.

The fashion world has a thing for butterflies and the female species will never tire of their winged presence. Seen often as prints decorating blouses, tops, shorts and dresses as well as ornaments on jewelry, the butterfly is indeed a magical creature that is ever subtly present within the background of fashion.

Below are some butterfly prints fashion ideas and butterfly inspired accessories.

So what do you think of butterfly prints in fashion? Are you into collecting and hoarding butterfly inspired jewelry? Share below.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it’s forever.” -Carl Sagan

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