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Fashionista NOW: Brocade & Baroque Fashion Trend

The modern baroque fashion has the characteristics of the artistic inclination of 1600s period in Rome, Italy and all around Europe.

It should be noted that the era was all about exaggeration of motion and clear prominent details that were focused to bring about drama, tension, exuberance, grandeur which were celebrated extensively in paintings, architecture, literature, sculpture, dance and music.

Brocade and baroque trends have been in and out of fashion just like any other trends but these two in combination can be potently opulent and decadent.

In its true-to-form intricately woven prints of metallic golds and silvers, its bold design does not whisper but command you to be aware of its presence. And to stay to its flamboyant roots, the baroque designs are naturally flashy than subdued.

Brocade by definition is a rich fabric, usually silk, woven with a raise pattern, typically with gold or silver thread.

Baroque, on the other hand, can refer to a rough/imperfect pearl, or may simply mean “elaborate” with many details (with or without a reference to the styles of 17th and 18th centuries).

The term was also initially used to refer to the excesses of its emphasis in a derogatory connotation, in particularly to describe its eccentric redundancy and noisy details. In other words, to our modern minds, baroque is just another word for very OTT (over the top).

Fortunately, the baroque designs seen in clothing, jewelry, shoes or bags of our contemporary fashion have seen a gradual easing up of the loud curtain-esque vibe to fit in with the current fashion inclination that celebrates minimalism.

The loud gold and silver designs are pretty charming when worn in the right amounts, but if you’ve got a louder sense of style, don’t let us stop you from looking like a queen/king of another era from a few kilometers away.

Below you will find a list of baroqued and brocaded lookbookers all dressed up to impress and turn heads.

Baroque skinny blazer (Tnc) | Brocade trousers

Brocade dress (Rodarte X Opening Ceremony)

Brocade dress (Zara)

Baroque fringed kimono (House of Jam)

Brocade cropped jacket (H&M)

Brocade dress (ASOS)

Brocade dress (Coexist)

Baroque pattern dress (Romwe)

Baroque shorts (

If you’re no stranger to sporting bold prints and patterns, the baroque style may just be right up your alley. Those who prefer subtlety should find the softer baroque-inspired variety a more sobering yet stylish wardrobe addition.

What do you think of the baroque dress designs and its glorious prints? Do you think you can make the style work? Share below.

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