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Fashionista Now: Body Chain Jewelry Trend

Body chains made a return in 2009/2010 as the ultimate out-of-the-box statement jewelry option worn over clothing and the trend is still alive and kicking up to this day. Wanna get a clue on how to wear these full body chains?

Never mind that these cross body type of jewelry may appear and feel a wee bit tangle-y if you’re like me, blessed with a natural hyperactive body contorting skills even as I lay sitting; let’s just see how the rest of you poised queen bees can best wear the torso bling bling without looking like you’re miserably stuck in some self-imposed tangled web.

History of the body chain:

The concept of body jewelry has traces of Indian origin. Indian women decorate their waist area and other body parts with light or heavy chains that are worn over saris/dresses or simply over exposed bellies. The style enters into the European world where women there popularizes the trend of wearing chains over their bellies partnered with the casual crop top and pants/skirts.

Cross body’s the way:

These days, the go-to body chain style is cross-body. Made mainstream popular by pop stars with bootylicous bods, Beyonce and Rihanna, you’d know that it’d be tough to rival their hourglass body-perfect appeal. Even dog chains and wrinkly gunny sacks will prove to look insanely attractive on them.

Across the fashion blogs online, closer to the real world, you’ll find the young crowd embracing the more contemporary mode of wearing the glam body chain with bikinis or with super casual tees and shorts/skirts.

Scroll below for how lookbookers are wearing the body chain trend and some tips on how to wear them well.

body chain – Vanessa Mooney

Casually, the body chain should go with the body type, not too body-constricting, but not too loose-hanging that it’s better left on the shelf. Naturally, if you are a heavier on top and wouldn’t want to add more unnecessary weigh, by all means, just don’t wear them.

cross body chain – Gina Tricot

Given that the body chains by themselves are eye-catching even if they’re very thin and delicate with very little embellishments, you may want to cut down on wearing other visually-attracting pieces.

body chain – Diva

cross body chain – Nasty Gal

To wear them with very visually-busy outfit takes the attention away from them and I personally feel that it defeats the purpose of wearing them.

If you must wear the body chain completely/subtly blended with the whole outfit and yet stand out as a minor accent, pick a top or dress that goes with the color of the chain.

gold body chain – Skatt

I personally feel that body chains if worn casually should appear like it’s an afterthought.

Nothing too over the top dramatic unless it’s worn to make a bold statement say with a party dress. Then, feel free to make it the center piece.

body chain – Macy’s

Remember, if you’re the type to get easily annoyed by chest blocking jewelry of any type (including long necklaces) and the only cross-body accessory you tolerate is a practical cross-body/shoulder bag, then it’s really best to leave the trend out the door.

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So, what’s your say on this body chain jewelry trend? Shoot your lines down in the comments!

“Fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine.”
Donatella Versace


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