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Fashionista NOW: Back To Basics With Summery White Dresses

White dresses aren’t just for weddings. When it’s all about colors as the sun beams and glares down on us, style-conscious souls get restless and start looking for a way to stand out in a crowd of color-crazy fashionitas. And that is when the white fashion trend does sure feel like a refreshing alternative.

Wearing all white is akin to fashion de-cluttering. It’s about going back to the most basic and let your persona take center stage.

White dresses have definitely come a long way this year. They come adorned with luxe lace/organza detailing, cutout, crocheted, and more. The seasonal hot white dresses are as simple and girly/womanly as they come but with specific embellishments, they make for a chic and modern fashion statement.

Not too keen on pure stark blinding white? Give off-white frocks a chance instead. After all, there are shades of white available to meet most of your distinct fashion needs nowadays.

According to Female First, white is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2013 and that it is also hyped up to be the color to be caught in as you celebrate with friends and loved ones during festivals.

Some may see white as a very safe choice and not too appealing if one is prone to spilling food and drinks; others just think it’s definitely the epitome of minimalistic fashion once you get over the fear that people will see how less than squeaky clean you are.

Whatever your thoughts may be on white fashion in general, I invite you to check out these summery white dresses below and perhaps they will inspire you to go back to sheer basics that can be just what you need.

daisy floral crochet fringe top (worn as a dress) by Chicwish

sheer white lace dress by Forever 21

white dress with lace detail by Wish

little white dress with lace detailing Forever 21

dress by SheInside

white zip up dress by SheInside

Is white your favorite color (non-color) to wear during the sunnier seasons? Or do you think that they’re best worn as a canvas where you lump other colors on? Share your thoughts down below.

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