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Fashionista NOW: 7 Style-Forward Ways To Wear Gray Fashion Inspiration

How to wear shades of gray without looking like a blank wall? Scour our gray color fashion tips to bring the best out of your Aluminum-themed outfits.

Gray is the skies inflicted by moody monsoon. Gray is the mood when you’re feeling blah. Gray is one of the color trends for Autumn/Winter 2014 and if you’re feeling like going aluminum, let’s get right on to it because according to Pantone, we should all ‘Go Gray’ now that temperatures are dropping.

If you’re a real basic dresser, by now, you’d most probably be tired of your black and other dark colored articles of clothing. Dressing dark can be a thing until it gets seriously dark outside all the time.

So, why not loosen it up with the right shade of gray that you don’t mind sporting on the off chance you get to mingle or leave the house for a piece of cake at the bakery with your cat, I mean mates.

While it may be the season to be wearing gray, I notice that you can’t hide sweat stains while donning gray tops, at all. So, if you find yourself in a humid climate, limit gray shades to the cooler side of the day unless sporting sweat marks falls under the hardcore normcore category for you.

According to Pantone, gray or Aluminum is described as a futuristic stainless steel hue that serves as a complex neutral. While that sounds great and all, let’s take a real look at how our favorite lookbookers make their wardrobe go gray as they transition into the hibernate-y months:

gray tank dress – Sparkle & Fade

Gray and black set the chill tone of Paige’s outfit. You don’t have to even try to coordinate this. We all know gray and black are besties, so there you go, right out the door. Oh those chunky sandals, there are still happening!

oversized t-shirt dress – Reserved

Offset the uber casual mood of the gray t-shirt dress with a pair of ankle wrap heels and a spacious no-nonsense hand-carry bag in black. Again, the safest of pairings to trust with comes in black and gray.

gray pants

Moving on to pants, a gray pair can be matched with pretty much any colored top but it you’re a minimalist, white off-the-shoulder top is complimentary enough. Polish the look with a pair of ankle strap heels and mark your waistline with a skinny belt.

Pop on an open statement necklace featuring two fancy pearly circles to decorate your décolletage. Are you drooling over the necklace? Well, guess what? Asma is giving away her own jewelry designs HERE.

gray shirt & sneakers

Sporty looks are where it’s at, this year. Tuck your gray tee into a pair of white pants with rugged knee cutouts. Slip into a pair of mainly gray sneakers. Accent with a black structured sling bag, sunnies and a wrist watch.

gray midi pencil skirt – Topshop | gray bag – H&M | gray beanie – Brandy Melville

Cue the fashion runway’s favorite billowy silhouettes by teaming an non-tucked in long tunic top in white with a gray midi pencil skirt. While the bag and beanie are in shades of gray, the bomber camo jacket and ankle strap sandals feature sweet pastel hues that completely go together and is giving me an eye-gasm.

gray shirt & coat

Make sleek your gray-tee-and-shorts combo with the addition of long structured coat in a shade almost similar to the tee. Tote a serious bag and heels in black to balance out the laidback elements.

gray skater skirt – Cos

A gray skater skirt can be paired with an embellished blouse in a blue-ish shade of gray. Anchor the cloudy look with black shoes and go jewelry free.

For more ways to introduce the shades of gray into your wardrobe, cast your attention below:


| creative set designed by Rusa

Gray & Yellow Neon

| creative set designed by Martha Perez

everyday grey

| creative set designed by Fashion Autopsy

Sea of Grey

| creative set designed by Simple and Young

I have a gray cotton shirt that can go with just about anything but due to the fabric’s annoying stretchy ability to highlight lines of my bra and slouchy tummy, it is only to be worn when I am equipped with the best inner wear and a cooperating middle.

Do you like wearing the gray color trend? How do you go about styling it? Share below and let us know!

“Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.”Michael Kors

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