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Fashionista NOW: 7 Fabulous Ring Dishes To Stash Your Bling ON With Style

7 Fabulous Ring Dishes To Stash Your Bling ON With Style

Credit | Barruntando

Put (more than just) a ring on it.

Got more rings than all of your fingers (and toes) can handle and wonder how to keep them in plain sight? Well, the tool you need comes in really cute! Check out these ring dishes that have been making my heart melt ever since I spotted them a wee while back.

I’m no stranger to missing jewelry because of reckless stashing and rings in particular seem to be missing more often than my earrings. It could be that I don’t wear rings that much or that the rings I had stop appealing to my fingers or that they’re secluded in a dusty drawer somewhere.

Ladies, I’m sure you can relate with the struggle! To remedy the condition we’re all afflicted with, I have come to the conclusion that a ring dish that’s beyond cute has to be employed. They can act as part of a decor to our home while showcasing our taste in jewelry to those that happen to catch sight of it and swoon!

Here’s a list of ring dishes that made me drool and I hope you’ll like the selection too. Enjoy!


Concrete Geometric Ring Dish




Cute Cactus Ring Dish


| WhiteFauxTaxidermy


Hexagon Ceramic Ring Dish


| ConvivialProduction


Mini Pineapple Ring Dish


| beFREEdesigns


Pentagon Ring Dish


| SparksAndSpecs


White Ceramic Yoga Ring Dish


| NotaJewelleryBoxLtd


Ceramic Ostrich Ring Dish


| Barruntando

Which ring dish is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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