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Fashionista NOW: Edgy Leather Oxford Shoes With A Cut Out Statement

Edgy Leather Oxford Shoes With A Cut Out Statement

Credit | vidersShoes

Step into the spring season with a pair of edgy oxfords and slay!

Love oxfords? Then here are spring-worthy oxford shoes with cut out details that will make your feet speak as you step forward.

It’s no secret that I have mad love for this shoe style and I know you do too. With diverse design interpretations that the oxford style shoe have been given, I casually nudge you to consider these gorgeous handmade leather oxfords made from the experienced shoe crafters based in Jaffa, Israel. Owned and designed by shoe maestro Michal Vider, these leather shoes are made to express and complement your inner confidence. From the collection of shoes that is available, I gravitated to this particular shoe style as it is something I would personally love to wear.

Something about the edgy appeal of a cut out oxfords truly caught my attention. The black (and off-white) leather oxfords you will find below will be perfect for all sorts of outfits. The platform style sole which is made in a flat construction is great for those in need of some elevation while remaining comfortable enough for walking. The presence of the cut-out details on the sides of the shoe has a slimming effect that is very flattering while it functions to give room for heat to escape. If you’re wearing this on a hot day, be sure to apply generous sunscreen on your feet to avoid that strategic sunburn action.

Without further ado, I hope you will enjoy looking at this cut out oxford shoe style!


Black Leather Cutout Oxford Shoes



| shop here


Black Textured Leather Cutout Oxford Shoes


| shop here


Off-White Leather Cutout Oxford Shoes


| shop here


Which leather oxfords would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

Love the shoe style? You’re not alone. Don’t forget to follow vidersShoes and show them some real love!

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