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Fashionista NOW: Earthy Green Parka Coats Fashion Inspiration

Credit | I amERIKA

How to wear parka coats in earthy green and make them your effortless go-to outerwear this season? We have it covered for you.

I did not grow up wearing parka coats so my view is influenced only by the new media where I gawk at pretty strangers in four-season-afflicted lands from a screen. Thus, I don’t dislike the parka as much as someone who say, was forced to wear it to school or anywhere else when they were young. Funny, how little things in childhood can completely change the way a person views a piece of garment. Forcing does breed contempt, even in matters of vanity.

In the modern fashion world, the parka is an outerwear trend that enters the fashion scene for both autumn and winter wear that it has slowly lodged into the special place in my mind where clothes I-can’t-wear-but-would-love-to reside. The official return of the parka this year was recently highlighted by Topshop’s AW14 ad campaign with Cara Delevingne sporting one fine-looking fur-trimmed parka.

Although the parka is sometimes called an anorak, it is technically not the same garment as the latter is waterproof, hooded, pull-over jacket without a front opening with drawstrings at the waist and cuffs (but not all the time). The parka, on the other hand, is a cold-weather outerwear that extends to the knee, has a front opening and is lined with warm synthetic fiber, and a hood that is trimmed with fur (or not).

With the modern day’s designers’ inclination to mixing and matching things up, the confusion is to be expected as lines between so-called distinct jacket styles blur with each borrowing elements from the other, kind of like how women’s fashion draws endless inspiration from the men’s fashion department these days. In the same vein, parka coats are made to appeal to both sexes. It’s a unisex outerwear style that carries a relaxed and casual feel that can be used to dress an outfit down.

For those wondering how to stay warm and in style while wearing the parka coat, scroll down for the obligatory style inspiration:

| Andrea Funk

| Silvia Rodriguez

| Nadja Firefly

| Eleonora Petrella

| Julia Sikorska

So, where to find stylish parka coats without breaking the bank this season?

Trendy hooded parkas in shades of khaki green and acid wash denim now available from Romwe:

Coats with hoods

black hoodied denim coat – SHOP HERE
faux fur hooded drawstring pockets coat – SHOP HERE
pocketed loose drawstring army green coat – SHOP HERE
hooded pockets loose polka dot coat – SHOP HERE
faux fur hooded drawstring pockets coat – SHOP HERE

If you’re a new shopper on Romwe, you will get a 15% OFF coupon after sign-up. You will also get free shipping worldwide for purchases over $20!

For the rest of you avid shoppers, Romwe is currently having a Black Friday Sale where your purchase of one item will give you 50% OFF the second item. Offer applies on all items site-wide!

Khaki green parkas now available from Boohoo:

Bottle green parkas

alia faux fur leather sleeve parka – SHOP HERE
alia faux fur leather trim parka – SHOP HERE

Bottle green & khaki knit cardigan options, also from Boohoo:

bottle green and khaki knit cardigans

nicola knitted cardigan – SHOP HERE
emily hooded maxi cardigan – SHOP HERE
lucy cable knit cardigan – SHOP HERE

Standard shipping applies to all orders from Boohoo until December 15th, 2014. Make sure your purchases and gifts arrive on time by shopping now! Wonder if Boohoo sells plus size clothing? Well, they do now – their exclusive plus size collection awaits you with a variety of dresses, tops, knitwear, trousers, skirts, coats and everything else for you to choose from and hopefully make you one happy shopper!

More ways to style the khaki green parka:


| creative set designed by Eleonora

Untitled #15809

| creative set designed by Florencia95

~ Modern ~ (tag)

| creative set designed by Berina


| creative set designed by Anya

What do you think of the parka coat selection enlisted here? Do you own any parkas? Share your thoughts on the trend and ways you’d personally style it below!

“Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. Fashion is in the air, born upon the wind. One intuits it. It is in the sky and on the road.”Coco Chanel

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Disclosure: I am affiliated with Romwe and Boohoo. The items shared here are my personal favorites and are recommendations based on a trend highlighted on this post. I am not sponsored by the companies. The use of the promo code/links can result in a commission that is credited to this site.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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