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Fashionista NOW: 5 Ear Hugger Style Earrings Jewelry Inspiration

5 Ear Hugger Style Earrings Jewelry Inspiration

Earlobes feeling lonely? Give them a hug with these hugger style earrings!

So, it’s been a while since I last did a feature on the bling bling scene and I figured that the time is ripe to start again as the variety of cool minimalist jewelry is endless and this space begs to be adorned by such a post. Okay, I confess, I am just compelled to do so for the sheer delight I get when I stumble upon new interpretations of jewelry we’re so used to seeing and sharing them with you.

For this post, it’s the ear hugger or the hugging open hoop earring style that I find most interesting and quite practical for bums like me who would want to decorate the pierced earlobe minus fussing over the ear post. Total First World Problems, I know.

With the ear hugger earring style, you quite simply can just hook it on and it will hug your ear lobe, securing it in place, thereby limiting the need for that back ear post support. Amazing, or what? I know I just love them.

Here are 5 eye-catching earlobe-hugging open hoop earrings you want to adorn your ear lobes with this season. Enjoy!


The Earring Style For The Minimalist Bling Lover


Circle Stud Ear Hugging Earrings


| lunaijewelry


Circle Stud Hugging Hoop Earrings


| MoonliStuds


Faceted Nugget Ear Hugger Earrings


| SilversheepJewelry


Geometric Ear Hugger Earrings




Hammered Circle Ear Hugging Earrings


| phoenixmtncreations


Which ear hugger style earring is your favorite? Have you worn this earring style before? Share below!

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