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Fashionista NOW: Delicious Pizza Earrings You Can Wear

Delicious Pizza Earrings You Can Wear

Love pizza? Then why not wear slices of pizza on your earlobes to showcase your mad love for the cheesy slices of dough topped with your favorite chunks of (insert whatever).

By a random chance I stumbled upon a pair of stud earrings shaped in pizza slices that I felt strangely moved to trawl the jewelry cove on Etsy for more even though I’ve not had pizza for about a month. Call it an instinctual craving or perhaps, the almost triangular shape of the pizza slices appeals to me personally as I’m what you would call a triangle-jewelry-obsessed judging from the previous posts raving about it.

Anyhow, if you or someone dear in your life are/is all about munching on pizzas and would like him or her to know that their pizza obsession has become a personality trait, then please, give the curated list of pizza-shaped earrings down below an ogle (without drooling, hopefully and grab a few quirky food jewelry inspo.

The pizza earrings come in various styles. Some imitate real-life pizza, others are interpreted in a kawaii and pop-art-y designs and a wearable minimalist gold pair. No matter what style you lean into, pizza slices on the earlobes are a fail-proof conversation trigger! Enjoy!


Cheesy Pizza Dangle Earrings


| Cutetreats


Gold Pizza Slice Earrings


| CastawayCove


Kawaii Pizza Stud Earrings


| CharmedElegance


Pepperoni Pizza Dangly Earrings


| mousemarket


Pop Art Multicolor Pizza Earrings


| AlexsMisfitToys


Vege Pizza Slice Earrings


| HugsKissesMINI


Statement Pizza Stud Earrings


| houseofhades


Which pizza earrings would you wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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