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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Wear The Returning Cropped Jeans Fashion Trend

Credit | Erika N.

Cropped jeans: They’ve been resurrected! Find new ways to wear the denim trend stylishly this year.

Cropped jeans styles are cropping up after a long period of hibernation. The last I’ve worn mine was eons back – more than a decade back to be exact – and whenever I happened to spot me in photos clad in a pair of the kick-flare cropped denim variety, I made a mental note to: Never again!

It could be because of my own figure but I’m certain that that cropped pants in general if they hit mid-calf can be a hit of miss especially for folks like me who are particularly self-conscious about exposed legs on bad leg days. I am, however a fan of culottes that hit just pass the the knee region so I’m quite certain I have an utterly complex relationship with cropped-anything.

To keep it simple, here’s the deal: I just can’t wear the cropped kick flare ones as they make me look short as my legs aren’t dainty enough to keep the length for the look even thought I’m not short.

That said, some fashionistas really are experts at pulling off the crop denim trend. Whether they are culottes, kick-flare or a skinny style cropped jeans breed, some people are just style gurus and can just about rock anything.

Ways To Wear Cropped Jeans Like A Street Style Fashionista

| Elizabeth Keene

| Aria

| Vivienn Nagy

| Dani Mikaela McGowan

| Rosie Lai

| Mizuho K.

| Manuella Lupascu

| Anja Ge

| Marie Roget

I wonder what you think about cropped denim pants in general? Would you wear them, ever? If given the opportunity to sport denim culottes, kick-flare cropped jeans and a cropped skinny pair – Which one(s) would you pick? Share below – I’d love to know!

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