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Fashionista NOW: The Criss Cross Flat Sandal Footwear Trend

The Criss Cross Flat Sandal Footwear Trend

The flat footwear with a single criss cross is everywhere. Find out the variety available in the market now in Malaysia.

Never thought that we’ll be seeing loads of single criss cross style sandals in the market but the footwear trend shows no sign of ever receding into the background. When I first spotted this sandal design years ago, it was unglamorous as I saw it as a distinct feature of menswear sandals. I associated the criss cross sliders with something unfashionable and those who wear them like them for practical reasons and boy, was I a snob about it.

Last year, the sandal style was given a transformation and worn by both men and women alike. The sleek look of a new criss cross sandal got buried in my subconscious as I kept seeing it everywhere. I did try them on one time to see if they’d fit my wide feet and had a bit of trouble as the middle part of my feet, also known as the bridge is fairly raised that the sandal strap kind of smothered it so I didn’t get them.

With this style of footwear, it’s wise to find out how your feet responds to the criss cross part when you wear them before getting them online. I made a mistake once with another footwear style I’d never tried and vouch to never go on an impulse buy again just because how awesome they look on another person.

So, for those of you who are finally bowing down to the appeal of the criss cross sandals, with or without a strap, find below a roundup of cool finds you can grab right now.


Black Cross Strap Sandals


| shop here


Cross Foot Bed Sandals


| shop here


Floral Cross Sandals


| shop here


Green Floral Cross Sandals


| shop here


Metallic Gold Slide Sandals


| shop here


White Criss Cross Sliders


| shop here


Do you wear criss cross sandals like these? Which pair has your heart? Share!


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