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Fashionista NOW: Closet Design Heaven For Fashionistas

Those who take a close interest in fashion will also be concerned about how their clothes are stored. The days of the flat-pack wardrobe are rapidly disappearing, as people are exploring other options and realizing that with a little planning, they can create their dream wardrobe.

The Ultimate Wardrobe

So what constitutes the ultimate wardrobe for you? Could it be a walk-in wardrobe? Or perhaps a complete room devoted to your designer gear? There are a number of options that are available to you, no matter what your taste or the space that you have available.

A walk-in closet or dedicated room is going to be a great option if you have plenty of space. In here, you can add in space for hanging clothes, shelves for other items and space for shoes and bags. With a space like this, you can arrange your items by color or season so that you can see at a glance what you have, making it (theoretically) easier to pick out what you need each day. If the space is as large as a room, then why not add in your dressing table as well? You can dress and do your make up at the same time.

As a room on its own, you need to consider things like lighting as well as storage space. Natural light is always best when you have a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe, and you can control the amount of natural light that comes into the room with the help of wooden window shutters. These are a great addition to any room and are a very elegant and classic finishing touch to the décor.

For those who want a traditional wardrobe, the classic French armoire will not disappoint. These are large (and better for a larger room) and will hold a substantial fashion collection, but you can also use them in other parts of the house as well. It is not unusual to see an armoire in hallways and on landings in French homes, so if your collection is threatening to overspill, the solution is simple – get two!

A Few Wardrobe Tips

When you are serious about your fashion, then you also need to be serious about the furniture you store it in. There is no point in buying a flimsy wardrobe, because it just will not do. It may not be large enough for your collection or strong enough, and you will find that in a year or two, it looks as though it has been through a war. When you are buying a wardrobe, opt for the best quality that you can. Solid wood will stand the test of time, taking a bit of a battering along the way. This type of wardrobe has often been designed to be slightly larger than the standard flat pack option as well, so you will be able to fit more in it.

The best way to begin is to look at the space that you have available and work out just how much storage you need for your clothes. It is often the case that the two do not meet, but there is always a quirky storage solution that you can incorporate to make the most amazing wardrobe that you can.


Luke Sloane is a freelance writer specializing in classic and vintage fashion. Here he offers some simple interior design tips to create a stylish and chic closet space for your clothing.

“Your closet needs to be a place of joy and celebration of who are you now – not who you were.”Stacy London

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