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Fashionista NOW: Cheongsam Blouse Styles For Your Lunar New Year OOTD

Cheongsam Blouse Styles For Your Lunar New Year OOTD

Mandarin collars are bomb and it’s time you embrace their awesomeness this Lunar New Year.

Another post I’m excited about as mandarin collars are gorgeous and it can’t be helped that the Year of the Earth Dog is near, so please venture on!

Stumbling across this Malaysian online boutique that sells affordable qipao dresses, my attention quickly shifted at their collection of cheongsam blouses and I was enthralled. I made this post to cater to the specific fashionistas who want to wear a modern cheongsam blouse and have decided to keep it within the budget pairing a new Chinese Lunar New Year party-worthy top with an existing skirt, shorts or pants from your closet.

If you are mad about cheongsam blouses because of the signature mandarin collar and the embroidered neckline knots, please calm down because you may just want grab all FOUR of these tops. Let’s eyeball them one by one. All of these blouses are available for pre-order from La Rossa and if you want them reaching you before CNY 2018 begins, finalize your orders before Jan 19th or you will cry!


Bold Red Cheongsam Blouse


| shop here

This stunning red cheongsam blouse has short sleeves and a black trim contrast to make you fall in love with it even more. RED is such a vibrant color to sport and is a great match for your magnetic personality.


Dreamy Mint Cheongsam Blouse


| shop here

This beauty is rendered in the much loved modern green. Made of cotton and linen, this top also comes in pink, perfect for the pinkoholic. Look at the collar and neckline and it really is not hard to fall for this graceful top.


Femme Pink Cheongsam Blouse


| shop here

This blouse is so gorgeous it is ridiculous. Comes in the softest blue too. The contrast embroidery in black pops out visually and the Chinese blouse has sleeves that reach the top of your elbows.


Monochrome Leafy Printed Cheongsam Blouse


| shop here

This one comes in green too and is longer sleeved than the previous top option. The mandarin collar and neckline knots are calling you to come and get it.


Ladies, if you love the selection, be sure to check out La Rossa for more CNY-party-worthy dresses and blouses because they have a fabulous ton at every price point. Be sure to bother them on Facebook too!

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