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Fashionista NOW: Casual But Chic Ways To Wear High-Waisted Mom Jeans

Credit | Tania H.

Ways to style mom jeans plus a bit of a rant – Do you dress local or mix both local and global fashion flavors together?

Is your sense of dressing a reflection of your local fashion or do you mix and match so that it oozes both local and global fashion sensibilities?

I thought about this while I was curating the casual outfits with mom jeans as the core of the style interest. The way I dress can be simply put as to be contemporary and super casual, maybe with a dose of dressiness when the mood strikes.

For some people, the way I dress may be a bit experimental (though to me, it’s really nothing) and more free ONLY if they’re exposed to a way of dressing that is only limited to those they see locally around them. Malaysians, especially in the smaller towns are a casual bunch and since I’m residing in a fairly small town, I wonder how I’m conveying my style to the outside world.

The truth is, being my mother’s daughter has taught me a lot about expressing myself freely through clothing as she is one natural confident fashionista herself. If she’s to just abide by the more conservative local fashion sense (which can be cool in certain settings), I feel she would be doing herself an injustice. I love the independence of choosing how I dress while taking into consideration of the local customs but not to the point where I’m enslaved by an idea of how a woman (as dictated by others) should or ought to dress.

Being privileged to work creatively within my own space has also contributed to this sense of freedom where I can be at ease with the way I dress.

Anyway, this topic will be revisited in a separate post in the future as there are other aspects to women’s fashion in the context of a conservative society that I would like to touch upon.

For those who are interested in how to wear mom jeans like a true style blogger, you know the drill, scroll away and enjoy!

Which look is your favorite? Do you wear mom jeans at all? What do you think of your method of dressing? Do you dress to fit in with the local fashion scene or break style limits with a more boundary-pushing outfit interpretations? Share your thoughts – I’d love to know!

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