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Fashionista NOW: What To Wear With Cami Style Tops?

Credit | Mayo Wo

It’s cami weather here in Malaysia. Find out how you can catch the extra breeze while battling the heat in style with camisole tops.

In 2013, camisole tops (and also dresses) tentatively entered the fashion scene. What used to be worn as an undergarment underwent a transformation and were being donned by themselves as a separate top staple that makes a statement, especially with their trademark spaghetti straps.

The cami fashion trend continued in 2014 and also just last year, with more tops and dresses rendered in that effortless summer-friendly cami styling.

As it begins to heat up here in Malaysia, the sudden urge to wear cami tops isn’t only fueled by the nudging from the fashion up-above but practical reasons such as trying to get a bit of a breeze and not bursting into flames in this humid weather makes something easy breezy like the cami feels very much obligatory.

As a nod to the 90s fashion element that has some of us still drooling, let us find out how you can wear the cami top with the help of the fashionistas below.

7 Ways To Wear Cami Tops


With Ripped Jeans

| Yuka I.


With Distressed Shorts

| Zalina Rosli


With Wide-Leg Trousers (Palazzo)

| Jay C.


With High-Waist Denim

| Sebelle Sharmine


With High-Waist Treggings

| Ifeoluwa Anani


With Lace Skirt

| Elvira Vedelago


With Floral Culottes

| Rhea P.

Wonder how the cool kids were wearing the cami tops in 2014? Find out here!

I find camisole tops are quite versatile, especially in neutral colors. I wear my plain black cami top with flowy patterned harem pants or culottes on humid days. What about you? Which look do you like best? Share below!

“Live like there’s no tomorrow. Love like you’re on borrowed time. Always remember, It’s good to be alive.”Jason Gray

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